Chad Is Rad

Chad Is Rad


Chad Is Rad

At X Games this year, one car stood out – way out – from the rest. Matthew Johnson’s Subaru WRX had photos of Street Bike Tommy, Chad Knaus, and even Andy Bell for a few minutes. With X Games in just a week, Matthew had to think fast to generate funds to get to X Games and compete. He had been trying all year, got wined and dined a few times, but ultimately with only X Games as the only event out the entire rally season that had television coverage, and this economy didn’t help – the sponsorship just never came.

Enter Ebay and the idea that a well played auction might yield the funds needed to put on a better show at X Games. The outcome was a great partnership with Casemate and Nitro Circus. Now you can own a piece of it since the Jimmie Johnson Foundation has put a limited edition signed t-shirt up on eBay. The shirt features the hood graphic off of Matthew Johnson’s X Games car: Chad Knaus with a wicked mullet from 15 years ago (no rear view offered). It’s signed by Jimmie Johnson and Chad himself. If you are lucky, Matthew Johnson might even put a sharpie to it for you as well.

Of course, the winner’s dollars will help children and families in need through the Jimmie Johnson Foundation.

Bid it up, but remember, it still wasn’t cool anymore to have a mullet in ’94.

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