The Tuesday Toss Up: Brian Kachinsky

Name: Brian Kachinsky

Age: 28

Currently residing in: Chicago, IL

Years Shreddin’: 15-ish?

Sponsors: DK, Etnies, Action Village, 661, Arnette, System Cycle, Cti

What got you into BMX?

A precise mixture of friends, transportation and a teaspoon of crazy all added up to me loving to ride little bikes.

Who and or what inspires you to shred?

Any rider who does their own thing, pushes things in a new direction or makes things look good. I also get really inspired by good spots or unique set-ups.

How are things going over at DK? Have you heard any feedback from kids on your signature frame, The BK Broiler?

Haha, it’s not called the BK Broiler. I had contemplated using that as the name for my next frame but my lack of red meat consumption made me decide against it. I chose the name “Passport” since it better fit my lifestyle.

Seems like your constantly traveling and shredding everything, what are you travel/shred plans looking like for the rest of the year?

I’ve already been to 4 countries this year and there are plans for many more as well as a bunch of domestic travel. Traveling is both addicting and beneficial to both me and the people that help me out so I just keep doing it. Many trips aren’t set in stone, there are more “fly by the seat of your pants” so who knows when and where I’ll be! I can guarantee it’ll be fun where ever the road/tracks/sky takes me.

When you’re back at home, who do you call up for a session? Is there a particular spot or park you warm up at or designate as the meet up?

When I’m home I usually call KP, Brady, Steve or Leep to see what they are up to. I like to ride in the morning, so sometimes there’s some pre-lunch solo sessions as well. Depends on the day. Chicago has a cool scene, you can almost always bet there will be people to ride with if you show up at any of the many fun parks as well.

So you’ve been known to roast any mammoth rail, whether its kinked, steep, gapped or whatever… Do you feel as if you have a constant image or duty to uphold to the people and fans of BK or is it just for the sheer gnarliness of always going big and fast on rails?

I don’t really feel pressured to uphold any sort of “image” or whatever, I just do what looks fun or challenging to me. I’m not always bombing big rails but I definitely crave them. I enjoy riding pretty much anything as long as I can find something I want to do on it. I do have people looking out for me though. It’s not uncommon for people to send me pics of sweet rail set-ups, most of which are scary… Haha. Thanks guys and keep em’ coming!

I don’t know if you happened to notice but your brakes recently fell off your bike… WHAT’S THE DEAL WITH THAT?! How are you going to nosewheelie down rails now?

Haha, they did fall off. I don’t know what happened. I have nosewheelied some rails without them, it’s pretty much the same and still hurts just as bad if you miss. :)

Your new Etnies web edit recently dropped, it was awesome by the way, are you filming for any current videos or projects?

Thanks man, I’m glad you liked it. I’m not filming for any projects in particular but I’m always filming for when those opportunities pop up. I am in the process of shooting Dig interview with Rob Dolecki and it’s been awesome so far. We have some good stuff and plan to do more this spring/summer.

Is there anything in the works with Etnies and a possible signature BK lounging shoe?

Actually yes, I’m in the process of designing a signature colorway for an Etnies shoe which should be out next year. We’ve only just begun on the project but so far we have some great ideas (and a possible unique surprise). It’s an honor to work with Povah and the talented designers over there. Keep your eyes peeled for that one.

Have you found any other uses for the DK Random Wrench? When will the Random Wrench be available in 24k gold encrusted with rubies and gems?

Have you seen the Gold and Chrome ones yet? They are sweet. I tried to get them to do one that resembled Snoop Dog’s “pimp cup” but pricing was an issue. There is rumors of one coming out with a built in microwave and wi-fi capabilities though, that should be sweet.

How do you feel about the plummeting economy? Is the recession affecting Wisconsin’s high supply and demand rates for fine cheeses?

Wisconsin cheese cannot be stopped by a failing economy. It’s recession-proof much like beer. People by it no matter what, in good times and in bad.

When is Mid-Where 2 going to drop, who’s going to be in it and what At The Drive In song are you going to use for your section? And when do you plan on bringing back the double crankflip?

Mid-where 2 and Baco 11 will probably debut at the same time. Crankflips are mandatory. I’m thinking about a triple as the ender trick for my part. We’ll see. Since At the Drive-in broke up years ago I’m thinking about switching gears and riding to Lady Gaga.

You told me you were doing some remodel work around your place, using Youtube how-to videos to fix and remodel certain things… When are you going to drop your own construction how-to on Youtube? More than likely implementing the use of the Random Wrench with its built in tile saw…?

I actually have used the random wrench for home improvement. No joke. It doesn’t have a saw attachment but since it’s gold you can basically just tell it to cut, install, grip, clean, smash anything within a 5-foot radius and it will obey your command. It’s awesome.

What’s next for Brian Kachinsky? When are you coming back to stay on the couch?

I just returned from a 10-day trip Nicaragua so I might chill at home for a bit (3-4 days) before my next adventure. The weather in the Midwest is shaping up nicely though so I’m thinking i’ll be riding a lot around here in the coming weeks.

What is an ideal day for you?

An ideal day includes riding, eating good food, drinking coffee, having fun and doing/learning something new. That’s about it. I’m simple.

Any last words or anyone you would like to thank:

Thanks to my friends, family, sponsors, and everyone I ride with. You all rule.

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