Summer in Hood: vol. 4

Summer in Hood: vol. 4


Summer in Hood: vol. 4

Eiki above the clouds.

At the end of Session 2 Rome’s John Cavan and Ron Faverty came out to camp with Laurent-Nicolas Paquin and Eiki Helgasson. Session 3 was slated to be the Rome session and the guys came out a bit early to do some filming for some winter projects. For a couple of days they stayed next door to us in the condos and we went back and forth between our houses bbqing, drinking beers and hanging out. It was a period of relaxation before work set in with the beginning of Session 3. We played some scrabble and golf and watched a lot of videos on the internet. Really, it was pretty nerdy. One of the first nights, we watched Ron’s youtube channel, which is full of random and funny videos that haven’t gotten a lot of exposure, but should. Then, Eiki showed us some of the most f’ed up videos I have ever seen on the internet. It was pretty crazy. You should check out this and this and this though, Ron needs the hits.

We are staying at a nice resort in Welches that has a litany of fine amenities, including a golf course, tennis courts, poolside lounging and an old-timey firetruck?

There is the best happy hour at the golf course. It made me want to have a glass of wine because the place is so classy. You sit in nice lawn furniture next to the tee and people bring their tiny dogs, who hang out below the tables while their owners eat. It’s so country club, but the drinks and appetizers are cheap, so it’s a secret dirtbag paradise.

Ron Faverty doing business.

Fried cheese bites with blackberry sauce. Helllllooo.

This is what a skateboarding shot looks like with an elph. No head, no make. It’s cool.

Staale Sandbech, Ron and I played a game of SKATE in BOB. I only have two tricks, so I was out pretty quickly. Ron and Staale battled it out for a long time, so long that the rest of us got bored and tired. Staale says that he doesn’t really skateboard, but he has a lot of tricks.

Quintessential Windells tourist shot: (l to r) Staale, Larry Maneuvers, Ron and Rome filmer Leland McNamara.

“Everyone would hate it if you were good at basketball, so it’s ok if you’re bad.” – Ron to Laurent on playing knockout.

“Next time, tell me if I’m on the f**king shirt.” — Laurent

Austin Hironaka interview with Laurent and Laurent on the shirt.

You can tell who won this game by the facial expressions they are making while shooting the gun. Ron and Paxson.

Scrabble is a very intense game. I’ve been playing on and off with Cavan for a couple of years and have never beaten him, until this night when we played with Staale. I caught a break because Cavan got a slew of really bad letters off the bat and even with a 73 point word I still was able to win. If he had gotten that word during a normal game, though, there would have been no contest. As a side note, it was Staale’s first time playing Scrabble ever and he almost broke 100 points, which is respectable.

The final letter to be played. Win.

Draw your own tattoos are best.

You can’t tell what everyone is watching in this photo because there’s no action happening. Consider it a sneak peak of something sick that you’ll see this fall in a video or something.

A Cobra Dog is the best way to end the day on hill.

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