Drawings of Laurent-Nicolas Paquin

Drawings of Laurent-Nicolas Paquin


Drawings of Laurent-Nicolas Paquin

This one is very detailed, including the Red Ledge and fairly accurate depictions of other Quebecois Yan Dofin, Max Legendre, Phil Jacques and Frank April. The drawing of LNP reminds me of of Casey Jones.

During Rome’s session at Windells, Staale Sandbech wanted to give his snowboard away to a camper at the end of the session. All week he was trying to think of a good way to do this, that would be unique and fun for campers. In the end, he decided on an art contest, where campers submitted their best drawings of Laurent-Nicolas Paquin, and whoever Staale felt had drawn Laurent the best, would win Staale’s personal deck. Well, it was supposed to be just his snowboard, but he ended up giving away his bindings, too, because they wouldn’t come off the board. Bonus!

Here are some of the drawings that campers submitted. Pretty awesome.

This one shows the most talented artistry, though the detailing is debatable. Laurent looks like he’s business causal with a fancy button-up shirt and his face looks kind of old. Maybe this represents an older LNP, when he’s like, a banker or something. Also, the phrase “the original pirate!” is questionable, because there are some pretty famous pirates in history and then there’s that Caribbean movie series that is so popular, but the gusto with which the artist makes the statement, enhanced with a large exclamation mark, is pretty persuasive. This was the eventual winner.

The production value of this drawing is low. It was submitted on a small, ripped piece of line paper, but the details are really good. Amish beard and hat covering straight hair? Gypsy alien hand? Two different sized boots? A “super kink” rail, which seems like just the type of progressive park feature that Bear Mountain might want to put into play? And perhaps the best part, a floating Johnny Lazz head with a mullet? Nice touch.

This is Larry when he heads down to the local mechanic to get his pick up truck fixed. And he likes peace.

This camper kind of missed the point. She spent all her time writing a love letter to Staale, when he wasn’t looking for flattery, he was looking for bona fide artistic merit and creativity. This girl had a wicked crush on the Norweigan young buck though, and let him know (“your eyes blue as the Norweigan sea” woah). Maybe Staale will get to take a film trip to Minnesota this year and he can reunite with this girl. Until then, though she didn’t win the board.

Ok, well at least this camper tried.

Staale going over the drawings before picking a winner.

Johnny Lazz did this drawing of Laurent, but he wasn’t eligible for Staale’s board, because he has his own snowboard.

Paxon’s rendition of Laurent. Pretty damn accurate. Look at the emotion in those eyes.

Laurent dis this drawing of Johnny. Not sure what it’s supposed to be, but check out that sweet Nike 6.0 shirt.

Lazz’s drawing of Staale. Halfpipe, Olympics, baseball hat. You really can’t make fun of Staale because well, he’s just so rad.

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