Travis Rice: 10 Memorable Moments before 'Art of Flight'

Honestly, it’s difficult to imagine a time when Travis Rice wasn’t being followed around by the Red Bull helicopter wearing brightly colored Quiksilver outerwear. Owing to the successful pervasiveness of Brain Farm in the collective consciousness of snowboard films, Rice is synonymous with big (enormous) mountains, big (huge) lines, and big (insanely large) production value–easily some of the most impressive snowboarding to watch on screen. But even before the Planet Earth cameras became a mainstay in his travel kit, Rice was blowing minds and making his own path in the world of snowboarding. Before helping to create three of the most anticipated snowboarding films of all time (starting with “The Community Project” in 2006), here (in no particular order) are ten of Rice’s accomplishments, contributions, and memorable moments that left everyone waiting to see what he would do next (even folks like Justin Timberlake. How’s that for a come up?)


10. Travis emerges at Superpark in 2001

Rice’s reputation for a balls-out, yet controlled energy in his riding was introduced to the snowboarding world-at-large when he strapped in at his first Superpark in 2001. Remember the 100+ foot back rodeo? There was no looking back from this season.


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