BNQT MUST HAVE: Emerica Collection

BNQT MUST HAVE: Emerica Collection


BNQT MUST HAVE: Emerica Collection

It’s no secret that Emerica has been killing the footwear and fashion game non-stop for years now.

And it also goes without saying that their newest line of goods features some of the best styles in all of skateboarding. Shoes, gear, and everything in between, we got busy with the pen, circled just a few of our favorite Emerica goods and dropped’em into a category that’s best named Must Haves.

Have a look and get overcome with envy.




The Hsu II [LINK]


Jerry Hsu has forever executed steady progression throughout his lengthy career as a pro skateboarder. Technical mastery, stepping to some of the gnarliest spots around and proving time and time again that he’s not afraid to take a slam that’ll send him to the ER. Jerry’s second pro shoe from Emerica, the Hsu 2 Fusion showcases stylish simplicity and skate-ready technology that’s as good as a skate shoe gets. The STI Fusion Technology uses a fused upper that’s almost indestructible. Add on a mid-top ankle protection, STI PU Foam footbed and you’ve got yourself a classic, plain as day skate stomper.


Piston [LINK]



It doesn’t get anymore classic than the look and feel of a Henley. The Piston from Emerica takes the timeless cut and fit of an American original and beefs it up with extra warm, thermal status. It’s got a three button-up crew neck and custom Emerica label hit at the bottom front hem. It’s100% cotton. 100% warm as all hell. Use it as a layer for the winter or wear it straight up and down. Either way you’re hyped.


Standard Issue Hat [LINK]



The snapback craze seems to be steadily overshadowing the New Era fitted movement that’s been in full effect these past few years. And one snapback that’s perfect from every angle is the Emerica Standard Issue. A flawless fit is enhanced tenfold with a durable, comfortable acrylic/wool blend and stylish simplicity that needs no call-out to be made out. A Small, custom Emerica woven patch at the front says it all, but not too much.


Paterson [LINK]



Even if you’re in safe West Coast temperatures, the inevitable season change will leave you reaching for that light jacket to keep snug when those weather numbers drop down. The Paterson by Emerica is a slightly puffy jacket that’s light enough to not be too bulky and overkill warm, but heavy enough to keep you fully insulated from the harshest of elemental winds. This thing is 100% quilted nylon and has a smooth brushed cotton jersey lining that’s perfectly chill proof.



Hopi [LINK]



When the session ends and it’s time to kick it extra-curricular, the new Hopi from Emerica is your best go-to chiller. The design of this one is inspired by The Boss himself, Andrew Reynolds, and features a Native America-style moccasin upper that’s stitched entirely by hand. It features a center material fold that’s accented by some custom leather lace decorative beading. The comfort of the Hopi comes from the cushion of a 400 NBS natural gum rubber outsole and a close to the earth, low profile silhouette. Get that natural, throwback look of the outdoors without even trying.


Flintock [LINK]


Take it all with you to and from the session with one of the most epic backpacks in the game. The new Flintock from Emerica is an essential backpack that’s durable, spacious and ready for all day abuse. It’s got a ton of storage, both big and small compartments, custom media holders and above all else, a custom skateboard holder for keeping you ride secure when your hands and feet are occupied.


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