Coco Ho: Would You?

The first Would You? of the new year comes from surfing royalty.  She’s a lethal combination of smoking hot looks and ridiculous talent on a surfboard.  The first Would You? of 2012 is one of the top female surfers in the world, Coco Ho.

Coco Ho is the daughter of Michael Ho and the niece of Derek Ho, two legendary Hawaiian surfers who practically own the North Shore.  Meaning that the youngest member of the Ho family is not only destined for greatness, but also has a force field around her preventing pretty much any harm from coming to her thanks to the entire island of Oahu guaranteeing protection to Coco Ho.

Coco Ho can hold her own.  She is a regular on the ASP Women’s World Tour and isn’t a stranger to the top spot on the podium.  As good as she is on a surfboard, Coco Ho is moving up the richter scale of hotness with lightning speed.

Pros: She is gorgeous.  Recently she’s started to discover just how hot she is, and has been flaunting her surf-toned body accordingly.  If you have the courage to chase after a local girl, you become a part of surfing royalty.

Cons: If you upset her in any fashion, you’ll have the Ho dynasty and half the island of Oahu ready to beat your behind.  Which reminds me, maybe I should go into hiding for a little while after this is posted.

Coco Ho: Would You?

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Coco Ho: Would You?

The first Would You? of the New Year comes from surfing royalty – Coco Ho. She’s a lethal combination of smoking hot looks and ridiculous talent on a surfboard. Calling Michael, Derek and Mason Ho family, Coco brings deep swell of credibly and mountains of style to her North Shore inspired repertoire. READ MORE ABOUT HER HERE or just check out the gallery.

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