Top 10 Career Moments - Sarah Burke

Top 10 Career Moments - Sarah Burke


Top 10 Career Moments - Sarah Burke

Sadly, Sarah Burke, one of the brightest and most influential stars in skiing, has been taken from us – passing away on January 19. While we mourn her with a heavy heart, we also recall her accomplishments, which have left an indelible mark on skiing and the world. Her positive attitude, enormous sense of humor, toughness and kindness have helped propel the sport to where it is today. She contributed so much to her community and treated everyone like a friend. To honor Sarah we should celebrate her life and try to be a little more like her. Below are some of Sarah’s greatest accomplishments in skiing.


Visit to donate to a fund to honor Sarah. This fund will be used for Sarah’s outstanding medical costs and related expenses.


Sarah Burke Top 10 Career Moments


10. Magazine Maiden

Sarah graces the pages of FHM in 2006, and puts a beautiful face on the rebellious movement of freeskiing. It brings considerable new attention to the sport. Young teenage boys buy twin tips by the fistful.


9. Rails to Riches

Sarah becomes first girl to slide an urban rail in 2000. At this time most male skiers were unable to do this. She was an “OG” of the urban rail movement! photo: Jeff Winterton



8. Cinderella Story

Sarah is featured with her amazing husband, Rory Bushfield, in the Ski Channel’s movie “Winter.” Together they prove to every ski bum, that you can have it all.


5. Olympic Impact

Sarah leads the Canadian Freestyle team’s crusade to ensure skiing half pipe is included in the Olympics. In April 2011 the sport is added to the 2014 Winter Games in Sochi, Russia.



4. Early Dominance

Sarah dominates the US Open from 2001 to 2006, managing to win or podium in either slope or pipe in each year. Photo: 2006 US Open by Jacques Boissinot



3. Big Splash

Sarah shows she can hang with the boys at the 2000 Canadian Nationals in Quebec, by finishing 4th competing against them in Big Air!


2. Breaking Ground

Sarah lands her first 1080 in 2000. At the time very few man even landed a 10. Sarah was the first women to stomp it. It appeared in Level 1’s first movie Balance. Photo: Jeff Winterton.



1. Every Smile

Sarah smiles at the end of every run; no matter how she performed. She shows the world that even if things don’t turn out as planned, that there is always reason to enjoy the moment you are in. Photo: Getty Images


Visit to donate to a fund to honor Sarah. This fund will be used for Sarah’s outstanding medical costs and related expenses.



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