Pro File - Banks Gilberti

Pro File - Banks Gilberti


Pro File - Banks Gilberti

Banks Gilerti not only has sheer talent, but has an artistic vision all his own. He is the Producer and the Star of the web series Adventures in Transition. Through this medium Banks has reminded us all that skiing is fun and what ever you choose to make of it.



We got a chance to catch up with him and this is what he had to say:

BNQT: Banks, you are not your average ski pro. Most guys are more influenced by what they see in the media, but not you. You have a style and vision all your own. What inspires your skiing style?

BG: I think the best way to keep your skiing different then the pack is by bringing in outside influences. I am huge into skating and snowboarding and I think those two things alone influence the way I approach skiing. I am able to take pieces of both those sports and dissect it and incorporate the things I like the most into skiing.

BNQT: You love to skate. What skaters do you respect?

BG: There a ton. Andrew Reynolds has always been one of my favorites. He’s as pure as it get, he lives and breaths skate boarding, even to this day. When it comes down to style… lifestyle aside I have to go with Dylan Rieder. No question my favorite skater out there right now.

BNQT: What skiers influence you?

BG: I have a huge amount of respect for tons of the guys out there right now but I don’t feel too influenced by anyone in particular. I like a lot of the generation before ours, JP Auclair, JF Cusson, Candide Thovex, Anthony Boronowski. Those guys were the for runners of freeskiing; so its them that I really feel influenced by.

BNQT: You can pick up a snowboard and shred. Why did you choose to pursue skiing as your career?

BG: I was born and raised a skier. My dad was one his whole life and so naturally I followed. It helped growing up in Sun Valley, that place breeds talented skiers. I didn’t start snowboarding till I was 16 and I sucked really bad at it. It was my love for skating that made me want to keep trying and after some work I figured it out but I till have a long way to go till I’ll consider myself halfway decent.

BNQT: You currently reside in Breckenridge, CO. What brought you there and what keeps you there?

BG: Same reason everyone is there right now. It is the best park in the world. There is no mountain on our continent or any other at that who can compare to Brecks sheer knowledge and skill for park building.

BNQT: Is there a spot that is best to apres at in Breck? Are there any other hot spots, like shops or art studios we should know about?

BG: I don’t usually go out to much anymore in Breck, but when I do I’ll go to Cup of Joe for a coffee or for breakfast at Amazing Grace. And most nights I go out its always Angles Hollow for diner and drinks.

BNQT: How was the idea for you web series “Adventures in Transition” conceived?

BG: Well as lame as it sounds it was conceived when I was skating the Burton ramp by myself two summers ago. I was just sitting there thinking of something to do with my free time and I decided to film and make some skate edits just using my phone or gopro and imovie. Then after a full year of shitty edits that no one was watching I thought maybe I could do something real with it. I got ahold of my friend Jake Strassman and told him my idea and he jumped on board right away. Thats when it really took off. I just do the skiing; he is the one that creates the masterpiece and does all the hard work to make it/me look good. He deserves a lot more credit then he gets.


BNQT: What’s your opinion on the state of skiing and it’s culture at present? Do you think skiing has lost it’s sense of fun?

BG: I think it all depends on who you are and how you look at it. I have fun no matter what kind of skiing I’m doing. If you can’t show that your having fun while skiing, people are going to see it clear as day. There are absolutely people out there these days that are skiing for the wrong reason and it pains me to see it. I try and stay out of the debates going on right now about what skiing “should be”. Its whatever you make of it, there is just no point in arguing it. Personal opinion can not be in this matter; it’s just a waste of time fighting about it.

BNQT: You look differently at the features of a mountain. How do you find such unique ways to utilize the terrain? Is it influence from other sports or is it just how you are wired?

BG: It goes right back to being influenced by things outside of skiing. If you watch the same old ski videos on repeat everyday your never going to learn anything new. You have to go out there yourself and create, make the mountain your canvas.

BNQT: If you had one day to ski with anybody past or present, who would it be and why?

BG: I would kill to have a day on the mountain with Bill Murray. I don’t know if he skis but I know he’d make me laugh my ass off and that’s all i really care about. The guy seems like he enjoys a good time. If it was someone ski related I’d have to go with Shane McConkey, the Saucer boy himself. The guy is an absolute legend and I know I could learn a lot from him in just one day, even from just one run with him. He knew what skiing was all about, even if it didn’t line up with the rest of our ideas he could have taught us all something.


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