Mookie Explains How to Throw a Whip While Catching Wind from a Heli

We know you’re at the edge of your seat waiting for Dream Ride 2 to come out. Okay, even if you’re not you should because its only a few weeks away and it will be one of the most mind-blowing moto films of 2012. To give you a peek at what is to come, check out this unique look at a super slow mo shot of one of the most epic sequences in the film. Mookie commentates us through how he was able to get over the 150-footer while getting nearly eye to eye with the heli and how the dynamics change while throwing a whip with some intense wind in your face. This shot was taken with the Phantom Flex camera at over 1000 frames per second. Yeah, now that’s freakin’ fast.

Directed/Produced/Edit: Jason Macalpine, ANAKT

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