Monster Energy Athletes Tackle Baja 1000

Monster Energy decided to give the opportunity of a lifetime to a diverse group of athletes to head down across the border to tackle the most intense race of the year… the Baja 1000!

In this episode, it’s all about driver training! Remember, 99% of these guys have had no off-road experience at all and they needed to receive a 2 day crash course in the basics before going on the 1,121 mile journey from Ensenada to La Paz! After their training, the crew headed down to Papas&Beer and celebrated the complete of their training at the Monster Energy Baja 1000 Street Party!

Jamie Bestwick – BMX
Makua Rothman – Surf
Shane Bonifay – Wakeboard
Andre Villa – FMX
Rodrigo Ampudia – Monster Off-raod
The Dingo – Snowboard
Mikey Rencz – Snowboard
Liam Doran – Rallycross
Hugo Oliveras – Nascar
Nick “Apex” Brocha -Stuntbike
Ernie Vigil – Stuntbike
Damon Bradshaw – Monster Truck
Graham Agassiz – MTB
Lorena Dromundo – MTB
Steve Peat – MTB
Sam Hill – MTB
Andrew Buck – Buckshot Racing


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