JP Walker is one of the most innovative and progressive snowboarders to step onto the snowy whites. Diversified is JP’s middle name, he is equally comfortable in the backcountry to the park. JP shreds with a style and smoothness that groms and pros alike have been trying to copy for years. Not keen on the contest circuit, JP is best known for his video part where he continually ups the ante and blows our minds. With sponsors like ThirtyTwo, etnies, StepChild, Oakley, Nixon, Dakine, Vertra, Bear Mtn and Raw Rev, this man is dialed style wise and busier than busy can be. These days JP splits his time between Utah in the Winter and Encinitas in the Summer where he can be found surfing the local breaks. BNQT tracked JP down and get the low down of what’s up for this legendary shredder this winter season.

Check him out and say hi on JP’s new site- The Real JP and watch vid’s on JP’s Vimeo channel


BNQT: So we hear you developed your new site all on your own? What was your main inspirations and motivations behind the look and feel of the site? How do you choose your content to featured, is it stoke driven?
My friend Jeremy Jones had a cool blog for a few years and I learned a lot from watching him develop his site. I never really wanted to have a site but I kind of did it more out of a necessity. I knew sponsors would love it and it’s key for staying connected with kids. I was reluctant to do it but after a while I actually started to enjoy it. As far as the look, I just wanted something easy to use with the latest content right up front. Most of the content is stuff I’ve generated myself with photos and stories from trips and a few different video series that I’ve developed like Don Patrol, a play off my nick name The Don, where I do one-on-one interviews with a person and a spot or event. Reel Raw is a collection of personal DV footage from old Mack Dawg videos featuring behind-the-scenes and never-before-seen footage. I also have some more frequent columns like Real Recognize Real that highlights people that I looked up to while growing up and finally Real In The Field is a short Q and A that I feature only people I have worked with on a project, usually a filmer or photographer.


BNQT: We loved the morphing sequence in the opener of Jibberish, its a phenomenal way to showcase your multiple talents in surf,snow, skate. Who’s idea was it to bring all your talents together in such a creative way? What are the plans for Jibberish going into 2013, any tidbits you want to share to keep us in suspense?
The morph sequence was an idea I’ve had for a long time. I probably thought of it over 10 years ago. Originally it was just a skate to snow idea but I learned to surf in the last 10 years and now that the technology is more readily available I was able to see it realized and include some surfing. We shot it all on GoPros as it was super easy and now editing and CG software is more prevalent so the dream was finally realized. We hired Freed Motion to put the clips together for us and do our titles for our Jibberish episodes. We are going to introduce a few new things for Jibberish and change our current template up a bit next season but the focus will still be on the full length final parts at the end with unseen footage.
Check out  JP’s full Jibberish part here

BNQT: You have your own signature colorway shoe with etnies, the JP Walker Waysayer that just launched this fall and you’ve also had other etnies colorways in seasons before this one. As a snowboarder, what is it like to have your own signature footwear when it’s not a snowboard boot?
It’s really cool and something that I’d never expected to happen when I first got into snowboarding. I’m stoked to be part of brands that give me that opportunity and that see that value in making these type of products possible.

Check out the etnies Skyline collection here

BNQT: The JP Walker Waysayer and some other winter etnies apparel are part of the brand’s Skyline collection –footwear and apparel made to be worn while cruising the city streets in inclement weather. Just recently you and Joe Sexton went to NYC to shoot with etnies for the upcoming Skyline collection, which sounds like a lot of fun. How did that go? Any good stories to share from that trip?
NY is always a good time. We had a sick trip with lots of time to chill and skate when we were not shooting. Mike Manzoori was on our trip filming and we actually had a chance to film some skateboarding with him at the new LES park and in the city streets. That was a once in a lifetime opportunity. That guy films with Andrew Reynolds and Heath Kirchart! That was definitely a highlight.

BNQT: It is pretty rare for ThirtyTwo to give a rider a pro model boot.  As a matter of fact, I think the JP Walker Light is the only boot named after a pro team rider in the line right now.  What was your goal when designing the JP Walker Light?
Comfort has always been my first focus. I spend lots of hours in my boots and if they’re not comfortable first and foremost then the rest of the features are irrelevant. With that being said, the link between comfort and lightness goes hand in hand and as the boot has developed over the years it became the lightest boot in the line, hence the special designation. Really honored to have my own boot with them. They are hands down the best boot company out there.

Check out the JP Walker Light here

BNQT: You’ve been working closely with ThirtyTwo on their outerwear program for a minute.  Which outerwear pieces are you planning to run this winter?
Well I have a few signature pieces that I will run for sure like the Blazhay Pant and Shakedown jacket but the best part is just getting a huge box of all the ThirtyTwo gear and putting together a bunch of different looks. When I go out and film and get some good clips in one of the kits I retire that kit and go back to the closet to get a new one. I would wear my own signature stuff every day but I think people would get sick of seeing me in the same stuff. Also there are so many cool pieces I want to help get them all out there as much as possible.


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