Street Beat: Chris Brunstetter of Goldcoast Longboards

Goldcoast Longboards has been churning out rad skateboards of all sizes since 2009. Started by group of has-been professional snowboarders and skaterboarders, Goldcoast Longboards reflects their desire to produce skateboards that looked and rode the way they wanted them to.

Goldcoast Longboarding’s creed is simple; create artistically beautiful and technically radical skateboard decks for the passionate skating public. Their motto is “skateboard everywhere you can, absorb the things it brings into your life, and take a few photos along the way. We figure if we follow that direction, we’ll never get lost. Even if we don’t know where we are from time to time”.

Leading the marketing helm of Goldcoast is Utah native, Chris Brunstetter. Bred in the heart of snowboarding progression in the mid nineties in Salt Lake City, UT, Brunstetter grew up looking up to the people who would go on to shape modern snowboarding. Once he bit that bug, there was no looking back and he has been part of the industry ever since. He brings the experience of managing brands in an exploding category to the GoldCoast Sales and Marketing department, which includes rep management and forecasting, international distribution, marketing strategy, social media coordination and copywriting.

Chris’ dry, sarcastic wit has earned him honorary British Citizenship and his ability to memorize and recite movies has saved his friends hundreds of dollars in rental fees.

Here’s his take on what new and cool for Goldcoast Longboards for the present and the upcoming season.


BNQT: How would you describe GoldCoast’s boards?

The attribute we try to start out with any of our boards is to make them fun. We’re “Aggressively Casual”, we take having fun very seriously. To do that, we make sure our boards have unique configurations and a lot of thought put in to the details. When you ride a GoldCoast, we want you to have a smile on your face from the first push.

BNQT: What is new with the brand?

We just introduced our first drop-through mount boards, The Pressure and The Valve. We have been working on these boards for a while, exploring different shapes and concaves. Just looking for something we could really put our stamp on in this category, which I think we have. They don’t look like anything else out there, and they ride amazingly. We used a 9-ply “W” concave deck for both of these, so you have a lot of control and your feet have this little pocket to sit in which is really comfortable.  The 9-ply deck makes them really stable, so these drop-through boards feel really solid under your feet.

BNQT: What are GoldCoast’s most popular models?

Our most popular models are the Classic Bamboo and The Pier. They are timeless configurations and have such great design elements, I absolutely love the orange and teal combination of The Pier and how the white trucks and wheels pop off the bamboo of the Classic. We’ve had a lot of success with our guest artist boards as well. The Origin was designed by our friends JOLBY from Portland, who put so much time and detail in to that graphic, it’s great. The Pressure and Valve have gotten a lot of attention since we’ve introduced them; people are excited to get them in store.

BNQT: What is the inspiration behind GoldCoast’s aesthetic?

Our aesthetic is a mash-up of clean Modernism and the chaos of the natural world. Skateboarding is such an individual, improvisational thing; it thrives on coloring outside the lines. From a visual perspective, we like things much more organized and austere. So we try to convey our inspiration in a very minimalistic way.


BNQT: What inspires the range of board designs GoldCoast offers?

The spirit of creativity in skateboarding inspires the boards in our line. There’s a lot of “retro recycling” going on right now, but we don’t think that skateboarding stopped being awesome in 1970. The spirit of skating back then is what we want to bring back, not just the shapes. People had nothing to rip off back then, they were constantly messing around with all kinds of crazy shapes, materials, and configurations to find something that worked and was fun. All our boards come from us saying, “You know what would be cool?” and then pitching an idea for a new shape or configuration. Anyone should be able to find a board in our line that they can have a good time on.


BNQT: What is GoldCoast focusing on for the next year?

We’ll be focused on bringing even more fun skateboards with great design to the world. Exploring the things that keep us excited creatively: travel, nature, music, art, motorcycles, technology and photography.



Getting to Know your GoldCoast Skateboard on Vimeo


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