STREET BEAT: Devun Walsh

Very few in snowboarding have earned the “Legend” status—and such universal respect—as Devun Walsh. The holder to every key in the Whistler Backcountry, his parts have been ageless, and his style on a snowboard will forever stand the test of time.

We first started hearing Devun Walsh’s name in the early nineties, when he showed up at Bear Mountain in Southern California (the then-epicenter of the professional snowboard world) and slayed his way into snowboarding’s collective conscious. Then came the hard-hitting Whiskey years, where Walsh’s fellow Canadian snowboard idols were about three things: riding, partying, and chaos. A true prodigy, he followed in their footsteps.

After his performance in Shortys’ 1997 team video “A Young Brown Walsh” (featuring a standard setting stylish backside 180 Japan, among other highlights), he moved on to join the most elite and influential snowboard team of all time: the Forum 8. Walsh then went on to bang out video parts (over 40 and counting — almost all openers or enders) for the next decade plus, becoming one of most progressive backcountry freestyle snowboarders around. And he did most of this without leaving his backyard of British Columbia.


A few years ago the Forum 8 disassembled and Walsh found himself as the new lead man on the DC Snowboard team. Now a legend, with a family and new priorities some things have changed, but the base remains the same: riding powder, filming, and showing the next generation how things are done.

Devun’s got quite the sponsorship roster running globally with Arnette, DC Snow, Wildcats, Skull Candy, GoPro, Beaver Wax and The Source Boardshop. As the winter season starts to warm up, we stole some of Devun’s time to get the lowdown of what’s going down for the 2012-2013 winter season and what’s new with Arnette and his other sponsors.


BNQT: Who do you think loses more teeth, hockey players or street rail guys?

I know for a fact hockey players do since I hang with a few guys in the NHL and almost all of them are missing at least on tooth.


BNQT: Why do you think the future is NOW?

NOW bindings are amazing, so much control. They take out all the play of a conventional baseplate, no more useless flexing. They give direct pressure, immediately to your edge. Therefore they are quicker edge to edge. Since it is such direct power I find you feel your board a lot better.


BNQT: There are a lot of young guns on the new Arnette team. Who stokes you out?

-All of the Arnette team is amazing.  Sam Taxwood, Nial Romanek, Spencer Schubert, and little Red Gerard are going to be the next big thing.  Every time I check the Arnette Facebook I see something sick from the team.


BNQT: What’s more frustrating, filming or golfing?

Filming because when I don’t land I get bummed cause its my job. I should be able to pull it. Golfing is all about having fun and enjoying myself. Although it is often frustrating!


BNQT: When you’re at a resort, ever get the hankering to hit a rail in the park? When was the last time you hit a park jump?

I hit rails and medium park shit all the time. I would way rather ride runs and hit natural bootees even if they’re smaller. I love natural terrain, the park can get a little boring for me sometimes. Who can’t do any trick off of perfect lips and landings? Plus I HATE stopping between features.


BNQT: Besides snowboarding and hanging with your family, what’s your favorite thing to do in the winter?

I actually golf a little where I live. I love getting out then. Feels like a bonus day!

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