Peru Crowned Champion of the 2012 Bolivarian Beach Games

Peru Crowned Champion of the 2012 Bolivarian Beach Games


Peru Crowned Champion of the 2012 Bolivarian Beach Games

Men’s and Women’s Shortboard, Men’s and Women’s SUP Surfing, Men’s SUP Racing, Longboard and Bodyboard categories were won by the local Peruvian team in the inaugural 2012 Bolivarian Beach Games, crowning Peru as the Team Champion.

Peru added one more Team Trophy to its cabinet after winning seven Gold Medals in the first edition of the Bolivarian Beach Games, held at the famous surf break, Punta Rocas in Peru.
The only medal that the local team didn’t achieve was the ISA Aloha Cup, a tag team relay competition, which was won by El Salvador, one of the invited teams that was not one of the Bolivarian countries that make up the core nations in these multi-sport games.

This is the first Surfing Gold Medal ever for El Salvador, who defeated the teams from Ecuador, Venezuela and the 2010 (ISA Open) and 2011 (ISA Junior) World Champions, Peru. The team was formed by Porfirio Miranda, Noemi Centeno, Israel Arenivar and Cristian Martinez.

“The boys showed off what they are capable of doing. I’m really happy for all the team. We are a big family,” said Karlo Mejia, coach of the El Salvador team, to the local press. “Competing here in Peru has been real difficult for us because we are not used to this cool weather. This win goes to all the seven million Salvadorians back home.”

On the Peruvian side, the first Gold Medal was won by Tamil Martino in the SUP Race last Sunday, November 4. Martino also won the Silver Medal on the Longboard category.

On the Final Day the rest of medals came from the local team.

Gabriel Villarán (PER), a former Silver (2010) and Bronze (2009) medalist at the ISA World Surfing Games, won the Gold in the Open Men division against Guillermo Satt (CHI, Silver Medal) Cristobal de Col (PER, Bronze Medal) and Miguel Tudela (PER, Copper Medal) in the final.

The Bodyboard winner was Cesar Bauer (PER), who defeated Bryan Medina (CHI, Silver Medal), Jose Crisanto (VEN, Bronze Medal) and Pascual Silverio (DOM, Copper Medal).
On a really intense Final, Analí Gomez (PER) was the winner in the Open Women Division. She defeated Dominic Barona from Ecuador (Silver Medal), her teammate, and 2004 ISA and ASP World Champion Sofia Mulanovich (PER, Bronze Medal) and Maria Eugenia Rojas (VEN, Copper Medal).

Piccolo Clemente (PER) won the Gold in the Longboard category after dispatching his fellow countrymen Tamil Martino (PER, Silver Medal), Oswaldo Borbor (ECU, Bronze Medal) and Francisco Hernández (VEN, Copper Medal). Clemente got his victory regardless of his back and leg injuries, using local knowledge and experience in the powerful surf at Punta Rocas in an effective way to keep the Gold for his country.

On the SUP Men and Women divisions, locals Jose Gomez (PER) and Brissa Malaga (PER) were the winners. Gomez defeated Rafael Tapia (CHI, Silver Medal), Jose Luis Magra (VEN, Bronze Medal), Luis Rodriguez (ECU, Copper Medal). Malaga left behind Michel Soriano (ECU, Silver Medal), Trinidad Segura (CHI, Bronze Medal) and Esperanza Subero (VEN, Copper).

Peru won the total medals count with 46, followed by Venezuela with 40 medals.

The Peruvian National Olympic Committee can claim the first Bolivarian Beach Games were a great success. The Games ended last Sunday in Lima with a raging party for all the competitors.

This event was made possible thanks to the support of the Association of Olympic Athletes (, a nonprofit organization created by the Peruvian goverment along with the Peruvian Olympic Committee. They provide support to all the country’s sports federations, including FENTA, the national surfing association, while using both private and public resources, assuring training plans, helping with event preparations and a team that helps the Peruvian athletes in every aspect they need.

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