Beautiful Babes with Beach Towels (w/video)

Yesterday pro surfer Anastasia Ashely used the old instagram machine to post a picture of herself standing on the North Shore of Oahu clutching a beach towel – no doubt sheltering herself from those blustery 80-degree temperatures. Since it’s Friday and much of the continent is cold and dark we thought a little beach, blanket, bee-bop would be the perfect method to cheer you up. After all, who doesn’t love a soft beach towel? Particularly when said towel is being loved by a Victoria Secret model? In this little segment we see a Victoria Secret Beach Towel TV ad followed by a little swimsuit magic from the 2012 bikini shoot. Bravo ladies!



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After filming each and every part, Jason Lopez was ready to drop this crazy full part on us only to have his computer stolen with the final edit on it. So, instead of crying about it, he went back to every spot over ten days and re-filmed every part. Now that’s dedication.


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