Man Fights Cougar With Skateboard

A man in the Canadian town of Banff, Alberta was able to fight off a cougar using his skateboard.  The man said that the cougar knocked him to the ground and he was able to fight it off by swinging his skateboard at the large feline animal.

Bill Hunt, a resource conservation specialist with Banff National Park, told CBC News in Calgary that the story is indeed true. “They say they have confirmed that a man was knocked down by a cougar in that area Thursday but he swung his skateboard at the animal, causing it to back off,” said Hunt.

The man reportedly had his headphones on listening to music when the cougar, the second sighting of such a large animal in the area in a week, attacked him from behind by striking him.  The man hit the cougar with his skateboard, stunning the animal and causing it to run away.  Canadian Parks officials are using sniffing dogs to attempt to track the animal which they consider dangerous due to its aggressive behavior.


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