Dolphin Breaks Arm of Surfer

Dolphin Breaks Arm of Surfer


Dolphin Breaks Arm of Surfer

A surfer in Western Australia was at his local surf spot when a large pod of dolphins that were nearby decided to surf a wave that was headed directly towards him, resulting in one of the dolphins hitting him, damaging his surfboard and breaking his arm.

“I was surfing at Ellensbrook by myself and there were heaps of dolphins around me, about 30.  It was amazing, they were so close,” said Troy Robinson, the surfer.  “Next minute, I ducked dived under and it was like a torpedo hit me.  I think [a dolphin went to jump] and it came up under me.  It put a hole in my board and you can see where it scraped its nose along it.”

The dolphin was reportedly six feet long and very solidly built.  After his arm was injured, Robinson paddled using his good arm to shore.   “At first I thought the bone was sticking out,” said Robinson.  “It was painful but not as bad as I thought.”

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