The Mayhem Projects: Episode 3 - Dew Tour

The Mayhem Projects: Episode 3 - Dew Tour


The Mayhem Projects: Episode 3 - Dew Tour

The Mayhem Project crew brings you to Colorado for the first big contest of the season, Dew Tour. Follow along with Brando Davis as he brings you up close and personal with his slopestyle run. This dude is technical and has style for days.


Episode Three of the Mayhem Projects gives you a two-part perspective of early season Colorado: the Dew Tour at Breckenridge and Red Gerard’s famous backyard. Join Brandon Davis for some closeup follow cams and POV shots through the Dew Tour’s jumbo framework, where you get a taste of the tense and technically grueling labors of the winter’s first major event. Then relax with a leisurely refrain of backyard laps at the Gerard residence with Kyle Mack, Brandon, Nik Baden, Eric Beauchemin, and a shirtless Red Gerard.

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