Ring of Fire: Stevie Smith charges down a volcano

Ring of Fire: Stevie Smith charges down a volcano


Ring of Fire: Stevie Smith charges down a volcano

When the volcano on Miyake-jima erupted in the year 2000, the entire population of the island was evacuated and forced to live off-island for four-and-a-half years until 2005. Canadian downhill racer Stevie Smith was fortunate enough to visit the island and was granted permission to explore the volcano by bike, which was the first successful filming of the peak approved by Miyake Village since the eruption in 2000.

With the permission of Miyake Island, Stevie hiked up the to the peak with a bare bones film crew, and set out to charge down the spine of the active volcano. The lava rock was gnarly, the riding fast, and the scenery utterly breathtaking, so sit back and enjoy Stevie’s descent along the active volcano.

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