Raw Files: Where we come from with Axel Cruysberghs

Raw Files: Where we come from with Axel Cruysberghs


Raw Files: Where we come from with Axel Cruysberghs

Pure raw radness. That’s one way to describe the Belgian destroyer Axel Cruysberghs. He’s been on a tear for so long, it’s easy to forget that the dude is only 21 years young.

Often classified as a contest skater, in reality Cruysberghs shreds absolutely every kind of terrain that urethane can touch: tranny, street, stairs, ledges, rails, smooth or rugged flat ground – he handles it all with ease and commitment.

When Lucas Fiederling assembled the cast for his video project Where We Come From, Cruysberghs was definitely a serious contender for a spot in what would become one of the major independent skateboarding video productions of the last 12 months.

Check out the raw files from his part above, a tasty appetizer of what’s to come in the full film.

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