The Curse of Petra: Part 2 - The Curse Strikes the Crew

The Curse of Petra: Part 2 - The Curse Strikes the Crew


The Curse of Petra: Part 2 - The Curse Strikes the Crew

The intrepid international team of skate rats, including Milton Martinez, Manolo Robles, Josef Scott, and Tyler Surrey had so far confined their exploration of Jordan to its patchwork capital, Amman. For a change of scenery, they drove to Aqaba for a couple of days to visit the famous lost city of Petra. Upon arriving, a cave dweller came out to see if the crew purchased “tickets”, which the fellas didn’t have – they were promptly escorted out by a government official. A series of unfortunate events and bad luck would immediately follow, and everyone assumed the cave dweller had put a curse on them for trespassing – The Curse of Petra.

Edu’s memory card mysteriously deleted everything, they suffered a flat tire in the middle of traffic the next day, Tyler Surrey was bedridden for 30 hours following a delicious meal, and to top things off the final roll of film that was shot in Petra mysteriously disappeared upon arrival back in the United States.

Other than The Curse of Petra, the trip was a success and an eye-opening experience. Since then we’ve seen a few groups of skaters traveling through Jordan via social media, and the fact that they now have a skate park means skateboard evolution will take its course – there’ll be local rippers in no time.

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