Vendée Freestyle Session 2016 Highlights

Vendée Freestyle Session 2016 Highlights


Vendée Freestyle Session 2016 Highlights

The best moments from the Vendée Freestyle Session 2016 in roller blading, bmx and skateboard in the Vendéspace.

Featuring: Drew Bezanson, Danny Aldrdge, Joseph Garbaccio, Max Charveron, JB Peytavit, Simon Leaute, Romain Godenaire, Mimi Granieri, Yannick Granieri and much more…

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For the third edition of Vans Snowboarding Days, the Snow Team headed to Les Arcs, France for another dose of shred. An international crew of riders were present with the likes of Arthur Longo, Nils Arvidsson, Sparrow Knox, Kevin Trammer, Jamie Lynn, Markus Keller, Valerian (…)


In 2008, Jamie Collins began working on a secret skate ramp deep in the forest on Vancouver Island where he lived. He worked under the cover of the forest canopy creating a masterpiece that was going to be used in the intro for his upcoming video part to coincide with the (…)