Watch Live: World Snowboarding Championships

Watch Live: World Snowboarding Championships


Watch Live: World Snowboarding Championships


March 14th
Men’s & Women’s Big Air Finals (07:00-08:15 GMT)

March 15th
Women’s Slopestyle Finals (02:00-03:00 GMT)
Men’s Slopestyle Finals (05:00-06:30 GMT)

March 16th
Women’s Halfpipe Finals (02:00-03:00 GMT)
Men’s Halfpipe Finals (05:00-06:30 GMT)

About the World Snowboarding Championships
The World Championships of Snowboarding is the most exciting and important event on the 2016 snowboarding calendar. Held every 4 years, the Championships is the pinnacle event for all snowboarders, scheduled as the season finale, bringing together the very best athletes from across the globe.

Qualification is based on World Snowboard Tour rankings and national federation selections. There will be men’s and women’s competitions across three freestyle disciplines: Halfpipe, Slopestyle and Big Air.

Taking place on the biggest possible stage; the Championships is the highest calibre competition in the sport outside of the Olympic games.

In 2016, Yabuli resort, the largest winter sports resort in China, will host the second edition of the Championships after Oslo 2012. Heilongjiang province secured a governmental financial guarantee to host the Championships in Yabuli, 200km East of the city of Harbin. This magnificent site can host up to 25,000 spectators and will be the first World Championship snow sport at a professional level to be held in China.

The Chinese government has committed a US$10 billion investment into the Chinese winter sport market over the next 7 years as it seeks to inspire activity and capitalise on the recent boom which has seen 400 new skiing resorts open across China in 2014.

The Championships is sanctioned by the World Snowboard Tour and World Snowboard Federation, ensuring the highest standards in professional snowboarding and providing sponsors with a unique opportunity to benefit from an international youth sports concept at the highest level.

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