Red Bull Wake of Steel: Shredding a half-sunk cargo ship

Red Bull Wake of Steel: Shredding a half-sunk cargo ship


Red Bull Wake of Steel: Shredding a half-sunk cargo ship

What happens when you take 18 of the world’s best wakeboarders and let them ride an oversized rail-laden feature in the middle of a commercial harbour? The answer is simple: it’s Red Bull Wake of Steel, and it’s unreal. Take a look back at some of the biggest hits and tricks from Red Bull Wake of Steel 2016

1. Daniel Grant (Thailand) 91.00 points
2. Ben LeClair (Canada) 87.00 points
3. James Windsor (Australia) 76.30 points
4. Julian Cohen (USA) 64.00 points
5. Szebsztian Szolath (Hungary) 60.70 points

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