Bad Lands: A BMX journey into Southwest Africa

Bad Lands: A BMX journey into Southwest Africa


Bad Lands: A BMX journey into Southwest Africa

BMX heavy hitters Sergio Layos, Kriss Kyle, Greg Illingworth, Russell Barone and Alex Kennedy embark on a 2,500-mile journey across the deserts and mountains of southwest Africa in search for uncharted riding spots, crossing the mountains of South Africa and into the deserts of Namibia.

The road through the desert is long and dark. Centuries ago nomads named this place The Land God Made In Anger. Later, Portuguese explorers came and called it The Gates of Hell. It was a true journey into the haunted lands of nothingness, where the only signs of life are the scorpions lurking in the shadows and gaunt vultures perched on dead trees. The riders named the journey “Bad Lands” — a 2,500-mile trip across southwest Africa.

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