Colorado Landmarks inspire the Zeal Optics' Capitol and Isabelle Eco-Friendly sunglasses

Colorado Landmarks inspire the Zeal Optics' Capitol and Isabelle Eco-Friendly sunglasses


Colorado Landmarks inspire the Zeal Optics' Capitol and Isabelle Eco-Friendly sunglasses


Boulder, CO – October 12, 2016 – – Unzip your tent, press your coffee and take in the view through the Ellume lenses of the Capitol and Isabelle by ZEAL Optics. Named after Colorado’s natural monuments Capitol Peak and Lake Isabelle, these new sunglasses were built to take on the outdoors while enhancing the surrounding scenery.

Rising 9,000 feet above the Roaring Folk Valley, Capitol Peak’s pronounced beauty and rugged knife-edge ridgeline helped inspire the design of the Capitol frame. Built tough with lightweight, plant-based Z-Resin frames, plant-based Ellume lenses, no-slip ProFlex Rubber and a keyhole bridge, Capitol will be your best travel companion while exploring the elements.

Tucked amongst the famed Indian Peaks, Lake Isabelle is known for its crystal clear water juxtaposed by breathtaking mountains. The frame’s angular features and rounded cat-eye shape reflect the geometry of its namesake. Isabelle looks stylish by design and active in nature, constructed with Z-Resin frames, Ellume lenses and ProFlex rubber.

“We’re very excited to bring the inspiration we find in our Colorado backyard to life through these new frames, that truly embody the peaks and zones that drive our passion to get out and explore more,” says ZEAL Optics Director of Brand Activation Mike Lewis. “The Isabelle and Capitol are not only beautifully crafted, but as rugged as the spots that inspired them.”

Zeal Optics strives to make the most environmentally conscious sunglasses without sacrificing technology. Ellume lenses are constructed out of plant-based materials allowing for higher purity. This results in a lighter finished lens that fights eye fatigue while protecting against all UVA/B/C rays and HEV light.

Capitol and Isabelle’s frames are constructed out of Z-Resin. Instead of using crude oil, each frame is made from the castor bean, an efficient, fast-growing perennial that is easy to grow, withstands drought and thrives on marginal lands. Z-Resin doesn’t compete with food crops and also significantly reduces the amount of CO2 released during manufacturing.

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