5 For 5: Pedro Barros throws down in the bowl

5 For 5: Pedro Barros throws down in the bowl


5 For 5: Pedro Barros throws down in the bowl

And now, for the final drop from the second installment of “5 FOR 5.” This time around we shifted the focus from the streets to the pools, bowls and parks of the world, opening the field up to five of the best transition skaters around. The format, however, stayed the same: Five skaters dropped five tricks each, and we dropped their edits once a week.

To close things out we get the current king of transition skating, a Florianópolis buck with talent far surpassing his years, Mr. Pedro Barros. Here, he throws down five heavy hits back home in Brazil, an emphatic stamp to “5 FOR 5” Round 2.

Barros’ 5:
Frontside disaster
Fakie 360 kickflip noseblunt
No comply stalefish

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