Skating Jamie Collins' secret ramp in the woods

Skating Jamie Collins' secret ramp in the woods


Skating Jamie Collins' secret ramp in the woods

In 2008, Jamie Collins began working on a secret skate ramp deep in the forest on Vancouver Island where he lived. He worked under the cover of the forest canopy creating a masterpiece that was going to be used in the intro for his upcoming video part to coincide with the release of his pro model deck for his company, Instrumental Skateboards. Unfortunately, that was never to be. Collins, tragically passed away in a cliff jumping accident shortly after completing his secret ramp, but before he could start filming for his video part. Today the ramps whereabouts remain a secret. Only a select group of people have skated it and we are very honored that it was shared with Roark as part of our Artifacts of Adventure for Volume 11: “Hellbound in Clayoquot Sound.”

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