Smartwool ads Byan Iguchi as latest athlete on the snowboard team roster

Smartwool ads Byan Iguchi as latest athlete on the snowboard team roster


Smartwool ads Byan Iguchi as latest athlete on the snowboard team roster


STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. (January 30, 2017) — Smartwool, one of the outdoor industry’s leading performance apparel brands, today announced the addition of snowboard icon Bryan Iguchi to its snowboard team roster. The partnership with Iguchi expands the brand’s snowboard athlete category for Smartwool to a total of five athletes, including Bryan Fox, Austin Smith, Curtis Ciszek and Blair Habenicht. Smartwool’s ski partnerships include athletes Angel Collinson, Griffin Post and Kalen Thorien.

“Having previously worked with Bryan, I knew he would make a great addition to our program,” said Alex Pashley, Smartwool’s Athlete and Strategic Communications Manager. “Our Smartwool products truly shine when they are put through the ringer and what better testing grounds than where Iguchi has earned his keep: Jackson, Wyoming.”

After growing up in Los Angeles, Iguchi committed his life to a passionate pursuit of skating, surfing and snowboarding. He has lived in the small mountain town of Jackson for nearly two decades and established himself at a dominant and knowledgeable backcountry athlete, meticulous in both style and form. His presence on the team will contribute to product development in rigorous backcountry testing environments.

“Wool is my first choice for insulation because I love the natural look and feel of it,” said Iguchi. “It’s really comfortable and I wear it all the time. I started buying Smartwool several years ago and really liked how their products kept me warm and dry even after a long day in the backcountry. Smartwool is a product-driven company that’s passionate and focused on performance.”Watch for Iguchi this year and in coming episodes of Smartwool’s 2017 ROAM content series, found here:

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