Why You Need Outside TV Features with Tom Wallisch and Leanne Pelosi

Why You Need Outside TV Features with Tom Wallisch and Leanne Pelosi


Why You Need Outside TV Features with Tom Wallisch and Leanne Pelosi


The thrill of extreme sports will now be delivered to your living room or laptop or phone courtesy of Outside TV, which launched a new subscription video service back in December.

Outside TV Features, a new subscription video service showcasing a a vast collection of adventure sports films available now on-demand through Amazon.com channels.

With thrilling full-length films featuring athletes such as Paul Rodriguez, Travis Pastrana, John John Florence, Angel Collinson, Jolene Von Vugt and Sierra Quitiquit, Tom Wallisch and Leanne Pelosi to name a few, and with new films being added constantly and top tier films already available, Outside TV Features is a must for the outdoors and action sports fan.

One of the films Full Moon, directed and starring Leanne Pelosi is one of those films.

Tom Wallisch, former pro competition skier and now film star also discusses how Outside TV Features allows for new and past films to be successful within the Outside TV Features platform.

For a subscription fee of $4.99/month, you will have access to all of the films any time and any where. For the on the go adventure traveler, the Outside TV Features subscription package is the perfect appetizer to digest while traveling to your own personal adventure.

To access all of these great outdoors and action sports films sign up here <a href=”http://try.outsidetv.com”>http://try.outsidetv.com</a&gt;

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