Record snowfall at Squaw Valley sets the stage for Arcade Belts' Mothership Classic Fundraiser

Record snowfall at Squaw Valley sets the stage for Arcade Belts' Mothership Classic Fundraiser


Record snowfall at Squaw Valley sets the stage for Arcade Belts' Mothership Classic Fundraiser


(Truckee, Calif. March 1, 2017) — On March 26, 2017, Tahoe’s own homegrown brand, Arcade Belts will host the 3rd Annual Mothership Classic on the Squaw’s infamous chairlift, KT22, also known as “The Mothership,” at Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows. The Mothership Classic is a pledge-driven event benefiting Truckee-based High Fives Non-Profit Foundation. This event is presented in conjunction with partners Coors, One Toyota of Oakland, GoPro and Tahoe Made.


Embracing the mantra of a “First to Last Chair Fundraiser,” participants will spend the day lapping KT22 as many times as possible with friends wearing skinny skis, retro snowboards and other throw back gear.

Prior to the event, participants are encouraged to reach out amongst their own network for pledges and donations. All funds raised will go directly to The High Fives Foundation and their efforts to support athletes that have suffered life-altering injuries.

“We started this event as a way for everyone to do something positive while spending a day on the hill,” said Tristan Queen, Co-Founder of Arcade Belt Co. “Friends sponsoring friends for 25 cents a lap is really what this event was founded on, the original recipe was pretty simple and we haven’t changed it much over the years. Helping others who have suffered lifer-altering injuries by spending a full day on KT chasing you friends around is about as good as it gets.”

“Spending time in the mountains with our friends is exactly why we all live here”, said Roy Tuscany, Founder of the High Fives Foundation. “It’s a huge honor being able to be part of an event that truly celebrates Tahoe and Squaw in its best form.”

The High Fives Foundation is the non-profit beneficiary of the Mothership Classic. Interested participants can sign up HERE to begin collecting pledges. We encourage everyone to support for the fundraising efforts via email, social media and word of mouth.


• Register here:

• Get more info here:

• Date: March 26, 2017 – registration starts at 8am, Wildflour Baking Co., Olympic House, Squaw Valley Ski Resort.

• Time: 9am – 4pm – First to last chair

• Where: KT22 at Squaw Valley Ski Resort

• Cost: FREE to participate. Fundraising beforehand is encouraged

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