Curren Caples to DEW Skate Team

Curren Caples to DEW Skate Team


Curren Caples to DEW Skate Team

Photo: Mountain Dew

Press Release:

Mountain Dew officially announced today that professional skateboarder Curren Caples is joining Mountain Dew’s roster of action sports athletes. Caples has been showcasing his smooth surfer-style talent at skate competitions around the world and will now join an impressive list of DEW® team skaters including Sean Malto, Theotis Beasley, Nick Tucker, Chris Colbourn and Jordan Maxham, among others.

“Curren is an excellent addition to the Mountain Dew skate team as he brings a laidback Southern California riding style to both street and transition competitions,” said Ryan Collis, Senior Director of Marketing, Mountain Dew. “Our goal is to continue to push the limits of skateboarding through fun and creativity and we are excited to have Curren on board to help us achieve this in 2017 and beyond.”

The Ventura, Cali. resident has been passionate about riding his entire life. By the age of 11, Caples was already sponsored and just seven years later, he officially turned pro. Caples’ skill on the pavement is highly influenced by his added obsession with surfing. Fans and skateboarders alike will easily notice his effortless approach as he skates both street and transition. Caples’ ongoing success in the skateboarding world is evident in the many podium appearances and titles he has achieved, such as “Dew Tour Athlete of the Year” in 2013.

“I’m stoked to join the DEW team,” said Caples. “It’s really exciting to have been given this opportunity, both to have fun riding alongside some of the best skaters, like Sean and Theo, and to be a part of a brand that truly represents skateboarding’s progressive and creative lifestyle.”

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