Utah Native and X Games Gold Medalist Launches Active Lifestyle Denim Company

Utah Native and X Games Gold Medalist Launches Active Lifestyle Denim Company


Utah Native and X Games Gold Medalist Launches Active Lifestyle Denim Company

Current EPSN X Games defending Gold Medalist in BMX Big Air and native Utah outdoorsman, Colton Satterfield, has created a new brand the state and vibe of Utah can be proud of.

‘Love. And. Rebel.’ Denim is the brainchild of Satterfield with the the entire focus on the brand to create a casual denim that holds up to the complex demand of all outdoor activities including action sports.

After years of testing with premier athletes in the action sports and outdoors community including the top bmx riders and skateboarders, ‘Love.And.Rebel.’ is coming to a market near you on April 1 after the launch party in Utah.

“The purpose of the brand is to make the most durable, most stretch, most breathable, most comfortable and best fitting casual denim,” said Satterfield. “We believe in creating the first brand with the sole focus on quality casual. We like to think of them as an iPhone in a world of nokias, as a #Game Changer.”

During the launch party in Utah, X Games medalists, Dew Tour Champions and Nitro Circus athletes will be joining to help launch the brand in a big way. with a 30 foot big air ramp at the party, you can join and watch the best athletes in demos all day.

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