G-Form protects your Ass-ets

G-Form protects your Ass-ets


G-Form protects your Ass-ets

Whether you know it or not, it’s a great idea to always wear protection.

For any sport or activity that you do, wearing the right protection for your body should be your first priority when getting suited and booted.

While at the best kept secret in Utah, A.K.A Powder Mountain, the G-Form protective gear was put to the test in tough deep powder and sunny conditions.

Robby Burleson; G Form Winter Media Summit 2017; February 12, 2017; Photo: Tyler Tate/T Squared Action Sports

Having seen the products before in a demonstration with a bowling ball, I was intrigued at how soft and comfortable the padding was while wearing them.

G-Form employs a density changing padding material, referred to as Reactive Protection Technology, that can go from soft and pliable to extremely firm within an instant, allowing it to be flexible and conforming until needed. G-Form’s RPT isn’t the first type of padding to change its durometer under impacts, with d3o doing a very similar same thing but G-Form offers more advantages including the ability to mold it into much more ergonomic shapes.

Michael DeLeon; G Form Winter Media Summit 2017; February 12, 2017; Photo: Tyler Tate/T Squared Action Sports

Over the course of three days, I put the padded shorts, shin, knee and chest pads to work. The padding is laid out on the fabric with flexibility in mind, using a central, round section that is positioned over the main area of protection (knee, elbow) and smaller segments that fan out on all sides. Depressions are molded into the RPT padding that serve as flex points, allowing it to have little to no restriction in movement. Coverage extends both above and below the knee, elbow, around the hip and buttock and in key spots around the chest and shoulders as well as smaller sections of padding that wrap around the sides.


  • RPT Impact Protection: Articulated Design, Flexible, Lightweight, and Low-Profile
  • Machine-Washable
  • Close fit, keeps garment in place
  • Comfortable feel with minimal motion restriction

Overall, G-Form outperforms other low profile protection options on the market. Due to the flexibility and other key design features, you should add G-Form products to your protection needs to make sure your ass-ets are always covered.

About Powder Mountain…the resort Utah local’s don’t want you to know about.

What makes Powder Mountain so unique is that in addition to lots of conventional trails, it has two big extras, in-bounds snow cat skiing and deep side country skiing and boarding properly titled Powder Country. The in-bounds cat skiing/boarding is something only a handful of resorts offer, and at Powder Mountain its affordable. For just $20-25 per ride skiers and snowboarders can experience something many people travel to remote lodges in Canada or Alaska and spend a small fortune for, with single ride cat runs suitable for intermediates and experts, along with the option for full-day guided cat excursions for experts to a canyon part of the vast resort known for steeps and deep, unbroken powder.

Alex Sardella; G Form Winter Media Summit 2017; February 12, 2017; Photo: Tyler Tate/T Squared Action Sports

Powder Country is a large (1200-acres) area treated like ungroomed backcountry, except within resort boundaries so its included in the already very reasonable lift ticket price – there’s really nothing else like this lift served, in-bounds out of bounds skiing in the industry. Skiers and boarders enter through a gate, and get a real sidecountry experience without hiking or the concern of navigating, as the entire section dumps onto a road which you cannot miss thanks to gravity, where a revolving fleet of buses pick up riders every 20 minutes bringing them right back to the base to start another adventure.

Robby Burleson; G Form Winter Media Summit 2017; February 12, 2017; Photo: Tyler Tate/T Squared Action Sports

While rarely ever sold out, Powder Mountain this year restricts the number of ticket sales per day.

“Our goal is to preserve the Powder Mountain experience. We have been known as a low key, family oriented, powder paradise resort,” said JP Goulet, Powder Mountain marketing manager “We decided to cap our day tickets at 2,000 daily and season passes at 3,000 annually to preserve the pow. On any given day at Powder Mountain, you will have more than two acres to yourself.”

So next time you are ready to go ride in the outdoors, whether its skiing, snowboarding, box, mountain biking, motocross or anything else you want to do, remember to always wear protection. And about that Powder Mountain thing…be very jealous of the Utah locals but lets keep it a secret just between friends.

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