Crapchute Bags launches on Kickstarter boasting reusable bags from parachutes

Crapchute Bags launches on Kickstarter boasting reusable bags from parachutes


Crapchute Bags launches on Kickstarter boasting reusable bags from parachutes

June 6, 2017 – San Diego, Calif. – With environmental issues making headline news, everyone is aware of the catastrophic impact of plastic bags in our ecosystems, suffocating animals and polluting the oceans. With a goal of eliminating plastic bags for good, we are excited to launch Crapchute Bags, the lightest and strongest reusable bags on the market, made out of high quality skydiving parachute material.

Crapchute was designed and conceptualized in a small airport hangar in Ventura, Calif., by professional skydiver and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) master parachute rigger Jonathan Zar. Each Crapchute Bag is crafted out of boxed weaved, rip-stop polyester and nylon parachute fabric for a reusable bag that is guaranteed to carry 100 pounds of gear and groceries. Weighing only 2.4 ounces, Crapchute Bags are the lightest bags around with one of the highest weight ratings.

“After a decade of R&D with parachute rip-stop materials in the Federal Aviation Administration and 2 years designing Crapchute Bags to be the very best they can be, we have developed a product we are thrilled to launch to the public via the wonderful Kickstarter community,” said Crapchute founder, Jonathan Zar. ” Crapchute stands apart from other reusable bags because of it is super strong, extremely light weight, durable, offers water resistant qualities and most importantly the useable zipper pocket that folds inside out to store your bag, so you can always have your bag on your side. Everyone knows the hardest thing about reusable bags is remembering to take them with you. We are ocean people dedicated to clearing the oceans of trash and debris. Help us make a stand and clean our oceans, not only locally but where people don’t have the resources to make a difference.”

Crapchute will launch in two styles – handbags and shoulder bags. To stand out at the beach or in the grocery line, each style is available in surfboard, tiger or tribal print. In addition to its strength and weight, parachute fabric is water-resistant and tear-resistant. Each bag packs down inside its own pocket and attaches to your belt loop with a carabiner.

With Americans using an average of 1.96 billion plastic bags per week, Crapchute is determined to equip the world with a reusable option, while giving back to environmental causes. For each Crapchute bag purchased, the company will donate of portion of its proceeds to SurfAid, The Ocean Conservancy, Surfrider Foundation and Preserve the Oceans.

Please visit Crapchute Bags on Kickerstarter:

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