BNQT Inside Access: Bob Burnquist and his next "chapter"

BNQT Inside Access: Bob Burnquist and his next "chapter"


BNQT Inside Access: Bob Burnquist and his next "chapter"

Bob Burnquist; Skateboard Vert; X Games Minneapolis; U.S. Bank Stadium; July 13, 2017; Photo: Tyler Tate/T Squared Action Sports

After the Skateboarding Big Air contest at X Games Minneapolis 2017, Bob Burnquist announced his retirement from X Games on live tv to a very stunned crowd and action sports community,

Leading into the X Games, there was no indication that Burnquist had even considered this ending of his X Games chapter.

Tyler Tate of T Squared Action Sports sat down with Burnquist to inquire about the timing of the announcement and learn about what his next chapter would be.

In one of the final things that Burnquist would ever do at the X Games, it was all about the fans as he spent over two hours signing autographs.

Bob Burnquist Contest History:

  • 1st in 2015 X Games Austin Big Air Doubles
  • 1st in 2015 X Games Austin Big Air
  • 3rd in 2013 X Games Los Angeles Big Air
  • 1st in 2013 X Games Munich Big Air
  • 1st in 2013 X Games Barcelona Big Air
  • 1st in 2013 X Games Foz do Iguacu Big Air
  • 1st in 2012 X Games Big Air
  • 1st in 2011 X Games Big Air
  • 1st in 2010 X Games Big Air Rail Jam
  • 3rd in 2010 X Games Vert Best Trick
  • 2nd in 2010 X Games Big Air
  • 2nd in 2009 X Games Big Air
  • 3rd in 2009 Maloof Money Cup
  • 2nd in 2009 X Games Big Air Rail Jam
  • 1st in 2008 X Games Big Air
  • 1st in 2007 X Games Big Air
  • 3rd in 2006 X Games Big Air
  • 1st in 2006 The Coolio Games
  • 1st in 2005 X Games Vert Best Trick
  • 1st in 2003 X Games vert doubles (with Bucky Lasek)
  • 2nd in 2002 X Games vert doubles (with Bucky Lasek)
  • 1st in 2001 X Games vert
  • 1st in 2001 Slam City Jam vert.
  • 1st in 2000 X Games Vert Best Trick
  • 1st in 2000 Slam City Jam vert.
  • 1st in 1995 Slam City Jam vert.
  • 4th in 1996 Gravity Games Jam vert.

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