20 Feb

These new tires are a collaboration between Animal x Terrible One. The tires are a special handling, dual compound tire. The dual compounds provide a combination of speed and grip. The hard compound on top provides for lower rolling resistance while the soft compound on the (…)

07 Feb

The Vans BMX Pro Cup series debuts in 2017 as the world’s definitive platform for BMX park terrain competition, showcasing the most talented BMX athletes from across the globe. The Vans BMX Pro Cup kicks off its inaugural season in Sydney, Australia as the series (…)

06 Feb

Just over a year ago the world of action sports was halted by the passing of Dave Mirra. Right after, X Games produced a TV show in memoriam of the Miracle Boy and now it’s available for free on Youtube. We suggest you take some time out of your day to remember on (…)