Street Beat: Ryan Sheckler

Street Beat: Ryan Sheckler


Street Beat: Ryan Sheckler

Ask any skateboarder or non-skateboarder alike on the planet who Ryan Sheckler is and you’re sure to get a 100% affirmative response. A child prodigy turned professional skateboarder, world-renowned athlete, teenage heartthrob, business owner, charity founder and TV star has made his name synonymous with skateboarding. What this 22-year-old has already accomplished as a teenager, most could only dream of accomplishing in a lifetime.

Ryan’s amazing skills in the park and on the street have won the respect of pros old enough to be his father. He’s a phenomena in every sense of the word. Yet, the SoCal teen is hardline focused on his long-term future. “Shecks” wants to go down in the record books as one of the greatest skaters who ever lived—and he’s traveling the globe to make it happen.

You can keep up with Ryan through the etnies site and on Ryan’s own site.

BNQT: The brand new etnies Marana comes out Nov. 26 in your red signature colorway but you’ve been skating in them for a while now at different competitions like X Games and Street League. How has skating in the Marana been different than other shoes and have they helped you when competing? How/why are the Marana’s so durable?

The support we put into the etnies Marana shoe is next level and exactly what I wanted. When you know that your shoe is structurally solid it gives you a lot of confidence when you’re skating. It’s an all-around great shoe with fantastic support and super durable.

BNQT: Because of social media, the Marana has been hyped by your fans since you started wearing them. They’re all asking for them and can’t wait for them to be available. Someone even started an etnies Marana Fans Facebook page.  How do you feel your life has changed since becoming involved in your social media sites where you have so much influence over your millions of Facebook Twitter followers and Instagram followers?

I think it’s awesome to be so connected to my fans and to be able to interact with them on a more personal level.

BNQT: 2012 marks your 15th year on the etnies team and you’re only 22 years old. How has it been evolving with etnies from childhood to becoming such an established and respected skateboarder over the years? How has etnies supported you as a skateboarder the last 15 years?

etnies has supported since I was a little kid until an adult.  I’m psyched they have supported me this long and I really enjoy our partnership.  

BNQT: You’re one of the few street skateboarders who have attempted and landed a mega ramp where you kick flip Grabbed over a huge gap. Do you plan on attempting more tricks or anything crazier for the Plan B video or skating it in the future?

Yeah, I definitely would skate the mega ramp again, I want to skate it for sure.  I’m scared of the quarter pipe, but I think everyone is.  So, yeah I’d skate it again but I don’t know about for the Plan B video.  I want to get all my other tricks first.

BNQT: You’ve been dedicating a lot of your time filming for your part in Plan B’s upcoming video. How is that going?

It’s going good.  I’m working a lot and trying to get it done.  I’m psyched on it though.

BNQT: What’s the latest with The Sheckler Foundation? You’ve started a campaign called Be the Change, what is that all about?

Be the Change gives our foundation the opportunity to walk alongside our followers and help them better their lives and their communities. We use our social network and ask our supporters to nominate causes they’d like us to help them improve. We just completed our first Be The Change online voting and we are now helping the winners, The Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe, build a skatepark in Washington State. For more information and how you can get involved you can visit our website at The foundation will also be holding its 4th annual Skate for a Cause on May 4, 2013 and its 6th annual celebrity golf tournament July 30, 2013.

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