Julune: A surf dream in Indo

Julune: A surf dream in Indo


Julune: A surf dream in Indo

Join surfer/musician/filmmaker Leah Dawson into her lifelong dream of traveling to Indonesia for the summer. On a mission to capture the best barrels of her life on camera, Julune artistically expresses Leah’s love for the ocean.

From Leah:
Julune is a media representation of my dream coming true. In speaking of my summer plans to travel to Indonesia, a dyslexic moment birthed the word Julune, to describe June and July, my two favorite months. So in realizing that I loved the word Julune, and that I was finally traveling to Indonesia for the summer to catch the best barrels of my life, I decided to create a short film to capture this dream in motion.

Julune is about appreciating our connectivity to our surroundings, and utilizing this to become in tune with the ocean. The film takes an artistic approach with cinematography, spoken word, and song to further accentuate the feeling of unity between surfer and sea.

Making this film extracted my courage. I embarked to a third-world country on my own for the first time in order to make the film, committed and a little scared. It may be the last time I travel alone in this manner, as being a woman and usually having electronic equipment, I learned I was still green in the tricks to foreign travel. I ended up getting robbed twice, somehow getting my laptop returned to me (thank heavens), and learning that I much prefer traveling in team rather than alone. Yet these challenges further formed who I am today, what I know I am capable, and situations that I’ll do my best to avoid in the future.

The surfing challenges I faced while making the film were mainly in resetting my expectations that these barrels would be easy and simple. My ignorance surprised me as I got pounded onto the reef on the first day of the boat trip, (after getting an insane barrel)… Luckily I escaped with hardly any scratches, and some limbs a little on the tweaked side, but I too felt as though I gained incredible tubular experience, that will benefit me for the rest of my life. 🙂

A film by Leah Dawson, The Sea Appreciation Project

Presented by: AVASOL Sunscreen

Produced, Directed, Filmed, and Edited by Leah Dawson

Additional footage by
Rick Estevez
Keli Rusman

“Feel Your Heartbeat” Written and Performed by Leah Dawson
“Jungle Music” Written and Performed by Rick, the fisherman

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