BNQT Inside Access: Brock Hoyer

BNQT Inside Access: Brock Hoyer


BNQT Inside Access: Brock Hoyer

Brock Hoyer (2); Snow BikeCross; X Games Aspen 2017; January 27, 2017; Photo: Tyler Tate/T Squared Action Sports

After winning the first ever X Games Snow BikeCross Gold medal in Aspen, Colorado in January, Brock Hoyer was introduced to an audience of action sports and racing fans that had never seen him or the sport. Tyler Tate caught up with the 2009 Canadian Arenacross MX champion and two-time Western Canadian Snowmobile Hillcross champion (2015, 2016) to learn what drives Hoyer and where the sport of Snowbikes can go.

Tate: What does winning a gold medal in the inaugural event of Snow BikeCross Racing do for you in your individual career and how does having snowbikes/Timbersleds in competition change how the sport is viewed?

Hoyer: For me personally it ranks as one of the greatest wins of my career from the racing side. Never did I imagine that one day I would be competing in, let alone winning in the X Games. You grow up watching X Games and then one day you get an invitation to compete in it, it was a surreal moment to be honest. In life you should constantly train to be the best at whatever craft you decide you want to pursue because you never know when that training is going to pay off in a way you never expected.

As far as the sport, people were given a quick taste at how great riding the snowbike or for me personally the Timbersled can be. The racing is fun, unpredictable and provides just as much excitement as any other type of racing. I feel that Timbersled or snowbike racing is here to stay at the X Games and eventually moving from the AMA Snowbike circuit to more events.

Brock Hoyer (2); Snow BikeCross; X Games Aspen 2017; January 27, 2017; Photo: Tyler Tate/T Squared Action Sports

Tate: As a two time Canadian Arenacross Moto Champion, how did you get into the Timbersled and what were your thoughts the first time you saw the setup?

Hoyer: Growing up in Canada, I grew up around snowmobiles. There is something special about being able to ride out to untouched snow and look over the earth. It is  breathtaking moment and allows you to really appreciate what is around you.

After being introduced to the snowbike setup, I initially would use the Timbersled as a cross-training machine during the off-season of motocross and found myself pushing the sled further and further into the backcountry and doing big jumps and more. But really it was high elevation training for me at first, but I was invited to film a backcountry video and from there more opportunities continued to present themselves from riding on the Timbersled and eventually I decided that Timbersleds’ would be the career path and motocross would become my cross-training activity. I wanted to get my foot in the door to achieve that top level of success from the early stages of Timbersleds and snowbike racing and so I put my drive and focus into the Timbersled and it has been an amazing journey with only a few chapters of the journey written and so much more to come.

The Timbersled setup is everything you could every ask for in a machine but the best part about the Timbersled being a part of a great power company like Polaris is that they constantly want to evolve and make the machine better. They listen to every rider and have a goal to always push forward to make it better and be stronger for the upcoming racing season.

Brock Hoyer (2); Snow BikeCross; X Games Aspen 2017; January 27, 2017; Photo: Tyler Tate/T Squared Action Sports

Tate: How do you see your career evolving around the Timbersled?

Hoyer: The sport is here to stay and for me it is the best. Sledding, whether on a snowmobile and Timbersled is an experience that creates clarity for me. It is a pure experience. So to have racing, another life favorite and sledding mixed into one sport it was the calling from life that I had to answer.

For me, I feel like I am sharper and more calculated from my past racing and sledding experience and I can lean on that in my future of racing. I want to push myself and the Timbersled as far as I can go. Polaris is always listening to the riders allowing us to make tweaks and modifications which allow us and even the everyday user to have the best and safest experience when riding.

Brock Hoyer (2); Snow BikeCross; X Games Aspen 2017; January 27, 2017; Photo: Tyler Tate/T Squared Action Sports

Tate: What is next for you, the sport or the future of other prominent motocross athletes making the switch to Timbersleds?

Hoyer: The sport isn’t even close to peaking yet. There is so much room for growth in racing as well as in the freestyle disciplines as well. It is going to take some time but with how amazing the partnerships are with Polaris and the drive to push the sport forward, eventually you will see more and more sleds using ramps for freestyle tricks and more.

I got the chance to ride the Timbersled with Travis Pastrana and he was a natural. Growing up, I idolized Travis, he was the best at everything so to ride alongside him and have him ask for tips and tricks from me was a dream come true and an experience brought to me through my decision to be aligned with Timbersled.

Life gives you opportunities constantly. If you constantly look for those opportunities that align with your passions in life then you will find success and joy in the journey. For me, Timbersleds’ and racing are only a part of the journey, but the opportunities I have found through Timbersleds’ and the chapters I have yet to write have been and will be nothing short of amazing.

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