Gear You Need - TheraGun

Gear You Need - TheraGun


Gear You Need - TheraGun

One of the beauties of action and outdoors adventure sports is being out from the confines of home and pushing yourself to explore new boundaries in the sport or adventure of your choice.

Disconnecting from wifi, your phone and the world and reconnecting with yourself is good for the soul, but at times that exploration can come with pain and stiffness from “pushing the boundaries.”

Introducing the TheraGun, the perfect light weight and portable self massaging solution to those aches and pain you experience in the outdoors.

I first met the TheraGun through a PR Agency and Max DeFilipis who used the TheraGun on my shoulder, where I have on going muscle knots from shooting photos as well as the action sports I participate in. After thirty seconds of initial use, I pleaded to take the TheraGun home with me.

While living in Los Angeles, Dr. Jason Wersland was in an accident resulting in a bulging disk. Out of that injury the TheraGun was born out of a necessity for pain relief from his own personal injury and from others around him.

Dr. Jason now uses the TheraGun across many sports platforms with professional athletes all over using the device.

“I searched around for a workable solution,” said Dr. Jason. “I grew up in a small town and when you had an issue you create things to fix or remedy your problem. After my own personal injury, an injury to my brother and with a gentleman I came in contact with through chiropractic work, I found the TheraGun to be a viable solution for everyone and not just myself.”

Released over a year ago, the TheraGun can be found in homes, chiropractic offices and professional athletic training facilities across the nation.

So the question is are you ready to alleviate your pain no matter where you are?

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