Skateboarding Celebration Month - BNQT Inside Access with Blind Skateboards

Skateboarding Celebration Month - BNQT Inside Access with Blind Skateboards


Skateboarding Celebration Month - BNQT Inside Access with Blind Skateboards

On June 21, 2017, the World celebrates “Go Skateboarding Day.” Skateboarding is currently in its biggest growth spurt in decades. World class events like the Olympics are adding skateboarding to competition and other events like the Dew Tour feature skateboarding only contests.

With the Dew Tour featuring all skateboarding this weekend and along with “Go Skateboarding Day”, BNQT Inside Access features Blind Skateboarding.

Without the vision of athletes and skateboarding brands, the future of skateboarding would have stalled out years ago. One of those brands that has helped fuel the growth of the industry is Blind Skateboards.

Blind (most commonly stylized as bLind) was founded by Mark Gonzales in 1989 under Steve Rocco’s World Industries distribution company. In the early 1990’s fueled by board and jean sales, Blind was one of the largest skate companies and has continued their growth to be a power brand today.

BNQT: How do you feel that Blind continues to impact the skate industry in a positive way as the industry continues to grow?

Blind: When Blind released their first video, “Video Days” it completely changed skateboarding showcasing our raw approach to skateboarding and now the video is a cult classic to skaters worldwide. Blind is known for progressive skateboarding along with a sense of humor. Blind is all about raw progressive all terrain skateboarding but most importantly the enjoyment that you get while riding. Blind encourages their riders and future pros to innovate and progress in every way possible but most importantly to end your day with a smile on your face.

BNQT: How can skateboarding impact a community for the better?

Blind: Skateboarding is an incredible thing for any community. It gives kids, young adults or even grown adults a way to express themselves on any level. A skate park or even the skate community as a whole is a place were everyone looks out for each other and gives people a positive place to spend time.

Skateboarding is the only place I’ve seen boys, girls, men and women from every race be all treated as equals and welcomed with open arms. Skaters from ages 4-50 all out having fun consisting and supporting one another to be the best they can be that day and in future skate days to come.

We encourage our professional Blind skaters to always be out in the streets and skateparks supporting local skate events hanging out and skating with the kids showing them what hard work and determination can lead to. Blind believes that we can leave a social impact through the skate industry by showing that we are all one, one community that finds a passion through a deck and four wheels and that the lessons we learn on skateboards can be life changing skills.
BNQT: What is the best part of your brand as it relates to your growth in the industry?
Blind: The best part about our brand is our riders. They are the heartbeat and the motivation behind everything that we do. By listening to the riders, they communicate with us the places they see that skateboarding can go. Their incredible talents and and dedication to pushing skating forward are second to none. With our riders being an active part of the community, they interact with other skaters from around the globe and they bring that interaction and passion back to Blind allowing us to listen and to grow even bigger and stronger.
Blind Athlete Cody McEntire
Don’t mess with Texas. The toothpick wielding skater is one of the biggest threats to a podium no matter what the contest. McEntire is the one skater that when he is on the course, you cannot stop watching because you never know what is about to happen next.
BNQT: Why did you choose to align yourself with Blind?
McEntire: Blind is a brand that I respect. Respect goes a long way in the industry. Beyond the personal respect we mutually feel for each other, my colleagues on the team are incredibly talented and genuine. We push each other to progress and it makes us strong together.

Cody McEntire; Skateboard Street; X Games Austin 2016; June 2-5, 2016; Photo: Tyler Tate/T Squared Action Sports

BNQT: As an athlete, performance of equipment is paramount. What is it about Blind Skateboards that gives you as an athlete the advantage you’re looking for?
McEntire: One of the great advantages about being aligned with Blind is that I was given the opportunity to design a skateboard that is shaped and sized to my liking. The more comfortable you are on your equipment, the better your day of riding or competition is. Having the freedom to work with the designers and build skateboards that allow me to maximize my skills means a lot. Hopefully the boards that I help design will help some other future rider too.
Blind Featured Products

McEntire Hunter

Measurements: 8.0 x 31.7
Wheel Base: 14.25
Mellow Concave/Steep Kick

OG Damn Bubble

8.25 x 31.7
Wheel Base: 14.25
Full Concave/Steep Kick

TJ Polymal

8.0 x 31.6
Wheel Base: 14.00
Full Concave/Steep Kick

All products for Blind Skateboards can be found here

Dew Tour’s 2017 summer skate competition and festival is a FREE four-day weekend celebration where skateboarding’s best professionals, amateurs, and teams compete on a four-part course. There’s also an interactive sponsor village, a craft beer and food festival with an outdoor concert area and public skate park. More than 50 of the world’s best skateboarders are scheduled to compete at the event located in downtown Long Beach.



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