Skateboarding Celebration Month - BNQT Inside Access with adidas Skateboarding

Skateboarding Celebration Month - BNQT Inside Access with adidas Skateboarding


Skateboarding Celebration Month - BNQT Inside Access with adidas Skateboarding

Continuing through the month of June, BNQT celebrates the past, present and the future of skateboarding.

With skateboarding events being constantly added to the biggest stages of competition including the 2020 Summer Olympics, skateboarding as an industry is poised to take an even larger step in growth at a very rapid pace.

BNQT Inside Access sat down with adidas Senior Communications Manager Cullen Poythress to learn more about this legendary brand and how adidas is positioned to be a big part of the future of skateboarding.

BNQT: What is adidas Skateboarding’s message? What is the story you want to tell to the world in 2017 and beyond?

adidas: adidas is the creator brand and we’re committed to supporting, promoting and advocating creativity in sport. The brand has always been about sport performance in its product, but its equally committed to style and working with athletes and people in the culture who are pushing things forward with boldness and originality. adidas skateboarding’s positioning is the same. That’s reflected pretty clearly in the personalities of pros and ams we work with. Skateboarding has always been about style and working with skaters and product designers who are truly pushing the culture forward and bringing that ineffable element of creativity, style and boldfaced originality to the table is whats most important in everything we do. 

BNQT: How can skateboarding impact a community for the better and how are you positioned as a company/brand to be a part of that impact?

adidas: We believe sport has the power to change lives–plain and simple. There’s not a person who works for this brand (adidas) that doesn’t believe in the power of sport to positively influence and impact people’s lives for the better. There’s a good bit of contention over whether or not skateboarding is a “sport” in the traditional sense – but regardless of where you stand on the debate, it’s very difficult to deny that people experience many of the same strength and character building qualities through skateboarding that they get from other “sports”. Skateboarding is a solitary discipline where you’re constantly challenged, constantly tested and there’s always an internal battle against yourself to get better. It’s physically challenging and emotionally demanding—there’s always an element of danger present and getting yourself seriously injured is always one lapse in focus away. I can think of very few other “sports” that require as much dedication, perseverance, self-confidence and discipline as skateboarding. 

Daewon Song – Photo: adidas

BNQT: What has and will be key for adidas’ growth within the skate industry and what sets the brand apart?

adidas: Staying true to skateboarding is always at the heart of what we do here at the brand—which is an easy task considering everyone who works here has a long history of working in skateboarding culture and loves everything about it. Skateboarding is what we all know and love so building product, throwing events, sponsoring skaters and making skate videos is something that comes very naturally and originates from a very true, passionate and authentic place. It’s a labor of love for all of us here. I’ve always felt passion shines through in product—that the people who buy our shoes can somehow sense that its crafted with love. When its made with passion and comes from an original place, people have a sixth sense about it, pick up on it and develop a more connected relationship with the brand knowing that its being produced by people who truly care. 

adidas Pro Skateboarder Lucas Puig

BNQT: Why did you choose to align yourself with adidas Skateboarding?

Puig: I grew up with adidas. I followed the brand and wore their sneakers all through my childhood…Stan Smith, Superstar and the Gazelles especially. So now to skate for them is just a dream. They always support the most charismatic icons of all time like Zinedine Zidane. I feel like with adidas it’s not about winning, but more about the way you do your thing.

BNQT: As a skater, performance of equipment is paramount. What is it about adidas Skateboarding that gives you as a skater the advantage you’re looking for? 

Puig: adidas has built shoes since day one, so they really know what they are doing. The adidas Skate shoes are next level. They have a classic look made with solid material. It’s exactly what my feet need.

adidas Pro Skateboarder Daewon Song

BNQT: Why did you choose to align yourself with adidas Skateboarding?

Song: I love how much they give back to skateboarding and the team is filled with people who have inspired me for decades. The new generation is beyond amazing, as well. I came from a brand I was with for 19 years and leaving to be with Adidas was the best thing I could have ever done. I love all the people behind the adidas. I see all they do for the people involved. It really makes me happy that they care that much and make sure things are done right.

BNQT: As a skater, performance of equipment is paramount. What is it about adidas Skateboarding that gives you as a skater the advantage you’re looking for?

Song: First off is the quality of the shoes. The feel and materials are not half ass. As far as durability, right when I put my foot into them are amazing. For the 26 years I’ve been Pro I’ve never wore a better shoe to skate in. I’m so proud and happy to be involved with such an incredible brand that cares about quality, comfort and most of all skateboarders!

adidas Skateboarding Featured Products

adidas Skateboarding x Hélas

Follow up collaboration with French skate outfit, Hélas (founded by adidas Skateboarding Pro team rider – Lucas Puig), for a limited edition footwear and apparel collection. A nod to adidas’ rich court roots and classic 80s tennis fashion, the adidas Skateboarding x Hélas capsule features a clean custom Matchcourt, windbreaker tracksuit, polo shirt, t-shirt, shorts and two custom headwear pieces. Launched in 2011, Hélas was founded by adidas Skateboarding Global Pro team rider Lucas Puig and friends, Clement Brunel and Stephen Khou.

Daewon Song adi-ease Signature Custom Colorway 
adidas Skateboarding unveils the first signature colorway from legendary skater and Pro team rider Daewon Song for the brand’s celebrated adi-ease silhouette. Reinforcing his imprint on skateboarding’s iconic model, Song designed asymmetrical outsoles of blue and red to represent his Korean heritage and the colors of the Korean flag.
“These colors mean a lot to me. Blue represents the ocean – we can drown in this crazy world we live in and get lost out here; and red represents ‘heart’! My love for skateboarding saved my life and has kept me smiling and motivated,” said Song about his new colorway. “The colors are a reminder to always stay positive and never give up on our dreams! My name on an adidas shoe is a dream come true.”

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