Betting the Action - Nitro World Games Freestyle Motocross

Betting the Action - Nitro World Games Freestyle Motocross


Betting the Action - Nitro World Games Freestyle Motocross

The Nitro World Games return to Salt Lake City, Utah this weekend and Bet Online has the lines for you to bet for this weekends action on and off the track.

Nitro Circus Live tour veteran Josh Sheehan opens as the favorite with last years winner Levi Sherwood coming in at +350.

The field competing this weekend is loaded with a lot of top talent but what makes this specific competition interesting is the format. Each rider must submit a list of eight tricks that are assessed a top score of difficulty and they are scored down from there similar to how ice skating and gymnastics operates. If the rider does a trick out of order they are automatically disqualified and the judging cannot be manipulated since the riders must submit the list ahead of competition the judges solely look for execution.

One of the riders you can bet on in the field and long time freestyle motocross rider Blake “Bilko” Williams and odds favorite Josh Sheehen discuss the odds.

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