BNQT Inside Access: Carissa Moore

BNQT Inside Access: Carissa Moore


BNQT Inside Access: Carissa Moore

While most of us at the age of four where just beginning to sing the alphabet, Carissa Moore was learning how to surf at Waikiki Beach. Now two decades later, Moore is in her eighth season competing on the World Championship Tour of Surfing were she has won three world titles in 2011, 2013 and 2015.

Carissa Moore poses for a portrait at the US Open of Surf in Huntington Beach, CA, USA on 27 July, 2015.

BNQT Inside Access brings you into the world of surfing with this elite surfer who not only has proven strength in the water but also is a strong advocate for women being body confident.

BNQT: Coming into the US Open what is your evaluation of the season you are having so far? 

Moore: Coming into the U.S. Open the evaluation of my season so far has been challenging. The results don’t reflect how well I am surfing but also show that there are some definite changes to my approach that need to be made.

Carissa Moore is seen in Hossegor, France on October 3, 2016

BNQT: What is special about the US Open for you?

Moore: The U.S. Open marks the start of the season. It’s also nice to be back in the states connecting with family and friends!

BNQT: Congratulations are in order as you have recently become engaged. As someone who is balancing a full time career as an athlete and also balancing the task of planning a wedding, what advice do you offer that can help yeah others about balance and success in all areas?

Moore: Thank you! Best advice I could give is to have a really strong support team! Everyone around me makes time for me and they want to be there when they can, and I’m very fortunate that I can bring both my dad and my fiancé on tour with me sometimes. It keeps me really happy on the road. I have fun balancing it all.

Carissa Moore waits for a wave in Costa Rica on 8 August, 2015.

BNQT: As a professional surfer that has seen and surfed all different areas of the world that are considered “paradise” where does one who has seen it all consider a great vacation?

Moore: Every year I try to do one trip that’s very different from my standard surf trips. Last year I went to Haiti, which was super eye-opening, but otherwise we go to the same nine or ten events and locations a year. So the opportunity to learn and grow and challenge myself motivates me — going on trips that keep me 100 percent stimulated teach me so much.

I recently went on a surf trip to Israel and Morocco. The markets were insane. Leather jackets, exotic spices, fruits and veggies, live chameleons — sensory overload. It was a chance to leave my regular traveling comfort zone, add a new stamp to the passport and surf with friends.

Carissa Moore surfs in Hossegor France on 11 October, 2016

BNQT: Building self-confidence is a statement you try to convey often. How can some of the lessons surfing has taught you be applied to how we can all become more self-confident in our personal life?

Moore: The one thing I would tell someone who was trying to be more self-confident in life is just to embrace who you are. Confidence is the most beautiful thing a person can be.

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