Gear You Need: Surfing Through the Summer with Dakine

Gear You Need: Surfing Through the Summer with Dakine


Gear You Need: Surfing Through the Summer with Dakine

With summer winding down, you may reflect back on the summer and wonder what could you have done better on your beach days. Whether it’s just a relaxing day on the beach or dawn patrol with friends, Dakine has created the entire line up of accessories you need to improve your outing to the beach.

Dakine Pe’ahi Leash 


When the surf leash reads “The 1%’er. For use when your life is on the line: Triple overhead and beyond,” you know it’s time to get ride of all your other leash options out there.

Pe’ahi in native Hawaiian means wave and it beckons to you. Pe’ahi also refers to the area on the North Shore in Hawaii that has played a role in surfing lore. Nicknamed Jaws, surfers take to these waves as a mighty underdog to the brut power of Mother Nature’s waves.

Building products that can match the power and intensity of mother nature’s waves is a task, but one that Dakine took on and now stands at the top of the cliff’s at Pe’ahi handing out their Pe’ahi leash, for those one percent that dare try to ride the power of mother earth.

Until recently, the only way to get the Pe’ahi leash was to be gifted one on the cliffs of Haiku-Pauwela in preparation to paddle into one of the biggest waves on earth.

At 7/16″ thick, and 12ft long, this is a world’s first and an absolute monster in the face of wave power. Would you use it?


Dakine Cyclone II


Are you tired of tossing your wetsuit into your trunk or a garbage bag after a day in the water? Problem solved with the Dakine Cyclone II.

Built to be the most durable bag on the go, the Cyclone II is built with rugged Cordura HP Coated Ripstop outer construction that’s also functionally waterproof allowing you to toss in the wetsuit and go with ease using the multi functional carry system of straps designed into the bag most notably strap system allowing you to attached your surf bag right to the bag.

No more wet spots and sand in the car or in the house. Keep it clean and keep it organized with the Cyclone II.



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