It's time for you to "Discover" Land Rover

It's time for you to "Discover" Land Rover


It's time for you to "Discover" Land Rover

Full honesty before going into the Land Rover Driving Experience, I had looked at Land Rover in general as a car for the rich and unadventurous and you would never see a staunch action or adventure sports enthusiast driving around a Land Rover.

Every now and then, I would see a vintage Land Rover and rock crawls or at the ski/snowboard resorts, but the driver was always that one guy who was probably wearing Tommy Bahama.

I was dead wrong.

The fifth generation Land Rover Discovery is without question a natural fit in the action and adventure sports community and I invite you to “Discover” the fastest growing luxury brand that can be as rugged as you want it to be.

Land Rover Driving Experience; Biltmore Estate; Asheville, North Carolina; August 26, 2017; Photo: Tyler Tate/T Squared Action Sports

In action and adventure sports you will always find two reoccurring themes in judging: style and performance.

With that criteria in mind, let me introduce you to the Land Rover Discovery.


The Land Rover Discovery is all style. The exterior is eye catching and the interior is stylish comfort with all the amenities that you need and some that you didn’t know you needed.

From an internal fold down panel for seating while you are booting up or to secure gear while the tailgate is open, to USB charging outlets everywhere and a massager in the chair, the Land Rover Discovery meets all expectations for style while making sure it’s ready for the adventurer that is also tech savvy.

With seating for seven grown adults with space and storage to spare, the full-size SUV brings you to new levels of style, comfort, vehicle capability and versatility in all outdoor environments you will find yourself in.


The Land Rover Discovery is built for every situation. Whether you are off road, in the snow or cruising down the highway, the Discovery has an enhanced on and off road capability to take you safely to any adventure you choose.

Land Rover Driving Experience; Biltmore Estate; Asheville, North Carolina; August 26, 2017; Photo: Tyler Tate/T Squared Action Sports

With exceptional ground clearance of up to 11.14 in., combined with an approach angle of up to 34 degrees, a break over angle of 27.5 degrees and departure angle of 30 degrees ensure the fifth generation Discovery, when equipped with air suspension, is able to climb up, over and down even the most challenging off road terrain.

Fuel efficiency is extremely important to me in an SUV. The streamlined design of the Discovery ensures that the vehicle is the most aerodynamic Discovery giving it a reduced drag coefficient improving fuel economy.

Land Rover Driving Experience; Biltmore Estate; Asheville, North Carolina; August 26, 2017; Photo: Tyler Tate/T Squared Action Sports

The Discovery is also made up of 43% of recycled aluminum. For a community that loves the outdoors, we also take care of the outdoors and building a strong powerful car with recycled materials is something we can all get behind.

The Discovery is made for an evolving tech generation. From multiple USB outlets inside the vehicle so everyone inside can keep their phones and cameras charged, the technology in the car computer system keeps drivers connected to the variety of surfaces and environments around them as the vehicle can sense the changing conditions and evolve with you.

Activity Key Courtesy:

As with every driver, one of the concerns when spending time in the outdoors is making sure you never lose your key. From tying into your shoelaces to special pockets built into clothing, with the Discovery that problem is solved.

Here is how it works. The Activity Key is a waterproof rubber wristband that you wear like a watch, and it takes the place of your car key. You lock your key in the car, wear the wristband and go partake in your active-lifestyle experience. Then, you come back and open the doors using the wristband.

Activity Key Courtesy:


From the luxurious interior that gave me a back massage while driving home, the smart phone application that lets you control the seats, the multiple driving options in varying conditions and the activity key, the Land Rover Discovery was built for the action and adventure sports community.

The Discovery scores are off the charts in the most important categories of style and performance, so I ask you; “Have you discovered Land Rover yet?”




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