BNQT Inside Access: Dara Howell Talks Winter Dew Tour

BNQT Inside Access: Dara Howell Talks Winter Dew Tour


BNQT Inside Access: Dara Howell Talks Winter Dew Tour

In recent years, Team Canada has dominated the podium in multiple ski and snowboard disciplines. Canadian freestyle skier Dara Howell is one of them. Howell won the first gold medal in Women’s Ski Slopestyle in the inaugural event in Sochi in 2014.

Howell looks to add to her collection of medals this week at the Dew Tour where Team Canada will be using the Dew Tour stop in Breckenridge as their final Olympic Qualification event.

Tyler Tate of T Squared Action Sports sat down with the reigning Olympics Gold medalist to get her thoughts on the Winter Dew Tour.

BNQT: What makes this Dew Tour so special to you?

Howell: Being in Colorado is obviously the first best part about Dew Tour. I look forward to coming back here every year. Dew Tour is such a fun event because the course is in tip-top shape & the field is numbered so you know girls are going to be throwing down. All around everything is done to a very classy level.

BNQT: Team Canada is using the slopestyle event you are competing for an Olympic Qualifier. While the goal in every contest is to win, what changes for you in a contest with Olympic dreams on the line?

Howell: Nothing changes. My first goal is always to be able to compete and do my best. I know when I am able to do that anything is possible so I try to focus on that instead of it being an Olympic qualifier.

BNQT: What makes for a good course set up for you?

Howell: I love the fact that Dew Tour is four jumps. I think for me it’s a benefit because I am able to spin in all four directions.

BNQT: There are so many other activities happening during dew tour week including concerts and awards shows. Will you be attending any of them and if so which one are you looking forward to the most?

Howell: To be honest, I love the tents and commotion going on outside of the lodge. They always have free giveaways so I’ll go and explore that but for the most part, I’m trying to stay low key and just focus on skiing.

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