Winter Dew Tour Snowboard Superpipe - Drama, Tears and Olympics

Winter Dew Tour Snowboard Superpipe - Drama, Tears and Olympics


Winter Dew Tour Snowboard Superpipe - Drama, Tears and Olympics

While the 2018 Winter Olympics are still over two months away, the time is now to become qualified to go and when the Olympics are on the line, every adjective in the dictionary about consistency, willpower and strength could have been used to describe the men’s and women’s ski and snowboard superpipe contest at the Winter Dew Tour in Breckenridge.

In the final contest of the day, Chloe Kim, just seventeen years old, put down a scorching first run of three to score a 93.00, which was enough to hold onto the top spot throughout the competition.

Kim, who by virtue of qualifying first, was able to run last in each heat, used that advantage knowing what other riders did and choosing her best run to win.

“She just doesn’t settle for putting one solid run down then sitting back and waiting to see if that is good enough,” said Arielle Gold, USA Snowboarder and Winter Dew Tour Breckenridge 2017 Bronze Medalist. “Chloe pushes herself in each and every run to be better. She is the standard for others who are in the sport to watch.”

Chloe Kim; Women’s Snowboard Superpipe; Winter Dew Tour; Breckenridge, Colorado; December 15, 2017; Photo: Tyler Tate/T Squared Action Sports

With other wins this season and consistency throughout the qualification time period, Chloe Kim with the Dew Tour win, became the first to mathematically qualify for Team USA’s Women’s Olympic Snowboard Team.

“It hasn’t sunk in yet that I’m going to the Olympics,” said Kim. “It seems like a dream and I’m just trying to wake up. I’m so excited and when I get home today and it starts to sink, in I’m probably going to cry.”

In stark age contrast, Kelly Clark who is seeking her fifth Olympic Team berth, crashed hard to her back in her second run. After being medically cleared to finish the contest, Clark said she was asked by her coach is she was “going to hit the throttle.”

Clark did just that, and put down a signature Kelly Clark run featuring multiple 1080s throughout the run scoring her a 90.00 and second place.

Kelly Clark; Women’s Snowboard Superpipe; Winter Dew Tour; Breckenridge, Colorado; December 15, 2017; Photo: Tyler Tate/T Squared Action Sports

“These are the days we talk about in cliche sentences,” said Clark. “When the going gets tough the tough get going. Or when you fall off the horse, you get right back on the horse. Mistakes are part of the game in snowboarding. Through training you learn to push past those mistakes and overcome. The question is do you have what it takes to get that ability to overcome out of you when you need it?”

The afternoon also featured the heavyweights in snowboarding during the Men’s Superpipe Finals with Vail local, Jake Pates making an impressive comeback on his third and final run, scoring a 97.33.
Pates’ run narrowly surpassed Scotty James’ first run score of 96.00 who finished in second place. Winning today put Pates in the running for the U.S. Olympic Team, which he had a hard time putting into words.
“It’s so surreal right now,” said Pates. “I was at the top of the pipe on my last run, slide over the fence, took a deep breath and dropped in, then all of a sudden I was at the bottom. I kind of blanked out during the whole thing. It was insane and I was like ‘what just happened?’”
Snowboard Men’s Superpipe Finals Results
1. Jake Pates, USA, 97.33
2. Scotty James, AUS, 96.00
3. Ben Ferguson, USA, 92.00
4. Ayumu Hirano, JPN, 91.00
5. Iouri Podladthcikov, SUI, 87.33
6. Danny Davis, USA, 83.33
7. Chase Josey, USA, 82.66
8. Gabe Ferguson, USA, 77.66
9. Greg Bretz, USA, 77.00
10. Jan Scherrer, SUI, 60.00
11. Markus Malin, FIN, 50.00
12. Ryan Wachendorfer, USA, 31.66
Snowboard Women’s Superpipe Finals Results
1. Chloe Kim, USA, 93.00
2. Kelly Clark, USA, 90.00
3. Arielle Gold, USA, 87.00
4. Maddie Mastro, USA, 84.33
5. Hannah Teter, USA, 80.00
6. Mirabelle Thovex, FRA, 74.00
7. Queralt Castellet, SPA, 72.00
8. Elena Hight, USA, 59.66

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